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Reflection 3: Mistake corrected, Smash achieved

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U being played on our apartment's television in Urbana, Ill.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U being played on our apartment’s television in Urbana, Ill.

Since I missed the class for Assignment 3, I basically had to do two projects in one (which is absolutely my fault.)

It turned out just fine, though, as I’ve used editing software before. When I made the video with my 12 pictures originally, it felt a little bland. I had my powerful shots and my story told, but the aspect audio brought to the project was certainly missed.

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A trip to Pilsen’s Café Jumping Bean sounds delicious

IMG_3530Shooting photos while holding a recorder isn’t easy. But it had to be done for assignment three, and that type of multitasking teaches you a lot about what you’re capable of.

This assignment, which was paired with assignment two, taught me a lot about how to effectively shoot photos while recording nat sound. It also taught me what nat sound can contribute to a photo essay, which is a lot.

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The Alma Mater in winter. | Taken by Nicholas Fortin

  In all honesty I thought that assignment 3 would be the easiest assignment yet. In short, I was very, very wrong. I thought that since I had already compiled my photos in assignment 2 that adding audio to the photo essay would be a walk in the park. After finding it fairly easy to import all of my audio files I ran into my first problem. I would put an audio file into the timeline but it wouldn’t play back any sound. I checked and rechecked all of the sound settings on the computer and still couldn’t get it to play back. Luckily, I was assisted by a fellow student in the lab who knew that to get the audio to play back you had to change the audio settings in Adobe Premiere. I thanked said student and went on my way to completing my project.

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Assignment 2 Reflection Ogrodnik

For the next assignment, we had to do a “photo essay.” Now, I’m really good with words, but I’m not that good with photos, so this kind of mash-up sounds like a TV sitcom or a buddy-cop film. Unfortunately, no words were involved in the making of my essay, so that idea can be scrapped.


Cecil, the guinea pig, in his formal attire.


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Assignment 2 Fortin





Hello again people of the internet,

It’s Nick back with another reflection on an assignment I’ve completed for Journalism 215. This time instead of learning how to use our camera we took the next step and made a photo essay. While I certainly found it harder to come up with “powerful” images, the editing process turned out to be easier the second time around and I made what I find to be a pretty cool video as a result.

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Alicia Lee Assignment 2 & 3: A Day at UofI

An Average Day of the Average Student







For assignment 2 and assignment 3, I decided to capture an average student’s day at UofI through picture and sound. After completing assignment 1 in such a rush, I wanted to do better on assignments 2 and 3. But after realizing that my life was pretty boring and nothing interesting was happening around me, I decided to capture my everyday life for this assignment. Because these pictures and sounds are ones that most students at UofI see and hear everyday, I wanted to bring them to life by capturing quality pictures and sounds.  Continue reading

Steven Bardwell Assignments 2 & 3 Reflection: Collins

Comedy at a Club near You

Campus Comedy Night at the Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois brought to the stage many local acts, which I was lucky enough to film and put together a multimedia event essay of the comical evening.

After finishing assignment one, I was feeling pretty confident with my camera and I was looking forward to telling a story with my photos and in assignments two and three.  At first I did not have much of an idea of what I was going to shoot, but one of my friends invited me to his stand-up comedy act at the Canopy Club and I knew this was the perfect opportunity.

Canopy, Assignment 2/3

Canopy, Assignment 2/3

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Adventures in Multimedia: Sleep, Shower, Sustenance


Mmm, delicious!

Welcome to part two of my adventures in multimedia!

Any photographer or journalist knows how powerful images and photographs can be when the right shot is captured. Photographs are a great storytelling tool that brings in the audience, allowing us to feel emotions, activate our senses and discover new things.

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