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Audio Pkg Reflection Sims

Police uses tasers for protection google images

Police uses tasers for protection google images

For this assignment originally I didn’t know what I wanted to do. However shortly after police were in the news for being approved for using Tasers. I thought community members needed a voice and I decided to make that happen. This assignment showed me different skills. I feel like I”m improving but I still have a ways to go. With audio stories its always important to find your middle ground as far as your voice and the appropriate audio levels.

I think this assignment showed me the importance of quality writing as well as the choosing of strong soundbites. Our other assignments thus far have required video which gave our stories other levels of depth however sound is what brings our work to life. It’s excited to bring this all together as we prepare for our final projects.

CU police Approved for Tasers

Police uses tasers for protection

Police uses tasers for protection

For this assignment I wanted to do something more news related. I found it interested that the local police department of champaign-urbana would now be able to carry a taser as a form of a weapon. Since the police has been in a very negative eye over the last couple of years related to racial prejudice cases I decided to get common it perspective on what they thought about officials getting to use such a form of weapon.

My audio story can be found here  For more information about the implementation please click here 

Preparing for the University of Illinois Homecoming

Story By: Colleen Cavanagh

Homecoming week and weekend are always major events that take much planning during the Fall at the University of Illinois.


Events such as the Homecoming Pep Rally, Parade and Bags Tournament are exciting and highly anticipated here at U of I. While these events are fun and most always have a great turn-out, they are not planned by themselves. Much work goes into planning each event, while ensuring the campus is kept safe with the major influx of people around campus during Homecoming.

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