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Raising Cold Cash for a Good Cause

I had never heard of the Polar Plunge before, but by the end of this assignment I was pleasantly surprised by how cool of an event this is. It seems like it would be a lot of fun and a great cause. I kind of want to go out and shoot the next one that comes to town now!


Polar Plungers get very creative with their costumes, it’s just more fun that way!

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Learn to glove!


Gloving is the first creative outlet I’ve ever felt truly connected to, I’m so glad it found me. I hope it can do the same for you!

Gloving is a new LED-based performance art that is bringing street dancers and flow artists together in a whole new realm of creativity. Born out of the rave scene, some have labeled it controversial because it looks as though it encourages drug use. However, in recent years, gloving has become an art form unto itself, as new styles are continually developing, and mastering them can take years. As of now, there are roughly tens of thousands of glovers as well as an annual International Gloving Championship, which gives the art form legitimacy and pushes glovers to innovate.

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Music to Your Eyes – Assignment 2 Reflection

I’ve always been a music aficionado, so knowing that I wanted to cover something aurally stimulating, the challenge was finding something that was also visually interesting. Monday night’s Community Gamelan seemed like the perfect opportunity. When I walked into this tiny classroom in the music building, I was blown away by the beautifully polished, intricately designed Indonesian percussion instruments. The group leader and the students were very welcoming and accommodating as I tiptoed around the room snapping pictures, careful not to disturb the musical direction. The entire session went on for two hours, though I got everything I needed in just a half hour.


Pictures weren’t particularly difficult to get, though I struggled capturing fast hand movements over the instruments. A lot of those shots turned out blurry. I still made out with some pretty good ones, though. Recording sound was a little more difficult, especially since this was my first time using this recorder. I wasn’t sure which mic sensitivity to use in such a loud, small room, so I recorded different segments at levels 8, 6, 4 and 2. 6 and 4 seemed to turn out best. I should have more than enough quality audio to use on assignment 3.

The Final Cut aspect of this assignment was actually very simple. I was pretty surprised at how easy it is to learn, though I know there is a lot more I will be doing with it later on.

Overall, I had fun and didn’t feel stressed at any point during this assignment. So here’s the final product!

Assignment 2