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Tai chi and Qigong in Champaign

Chinese masters of Tai chi and Qigong were at the ARC on October 10th from 6:30-9:30pm. They were there along with Dr. Weimo Zhu to give a lecture on the arts and to lead a demonstration. We learned about the health benefits of practicing the arts, and we learned how to perform some of the movements.

Another master, Master Song, has a Kung Fu academy in Champaign. A couple of the instructors and a student from the academy were available to give some insights into the arts and talk about what they do at the academy.

My video can be found here. And below I have links to the Tao of Health event, Song’s Kung Fu academy and the website of Energyarts.

Tao of Health Event: http://www.sedentaryconference.com/tao/

Song’s Kung Fu Academy: https://www.songskungfu.com

EnergyArts: http://www.energyarts.com/difference-between-tai-chi-qigong