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Unconditional Love: Teaching an old dog new tricks

According to the Human Society, 62 percent of American households owned at least one pet 2012. While a majority of families keep pets as valuable family members, seniors citizens specifically can benefit from the companionship with these animals.

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Bob and Emily Lewis own two four-year-old Golden Retrievers.

There are numerous reasons why people find comfort and significance in their relationships with pets. But what are the specific advantages and disadvantages to senior citizens owning and caring for a pet?

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The Final Stretch to the Top: Illinois Mens Track and Field- Assignment 7

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Assignment 7 was not as difficult as the others were with all of the experience that I’ve gathered over the course of this class.

The tough part was getting the story to the point where the quotes and the narration told the story well enough to create an image in the heads of the listeners. One thing that i did realize is that the way you tell the story matters a lot, no matter if its interesting or not.

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