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♻ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! ♻


Illini Union Recycling Bin

Although we see recycling bins and bikes all over campus, what efforts is the school actually making in order to make the campus more eco-friendly? Students speak out about whether or not they think the campus is considered “green.”

University Greek Life has started a Greeks Go Green program in an effort to get a large population of campus involved in being more conscious about the environment. This program includes weekly competitions between sororities and fraternities and the winner receives a prize. The competitions include finding unique ways to conserve energy, collecting the most recycled trash, and more.

While the campus is trying now more than ever to get students more involved and educate them about the environment, there is a lot more that can be done. To view my full package story, click here.

Going Green at U of I

Flyer for the Go Play Go Green event featuring the  Recycling Education Vehicle -  Illini Union Website

Flyer for the Go Play Go Green event featuring the Recycling Education Vehicle – Illini Union Website

The Coca-Cola Recycling Education Vehicle came to U of I to help teach proper recycling habits to students.

The University of Illinois was host to the Go Play Go Green event with Coca-Cola and Campus Vending. The workshop took place on the Illini Union Anniversary Plaza, just on the edge of the Illinois quad. The Coca-Cola Recycling Education Vehicle served as an interactive opportunity for students to learn more about recycling and sustainability. Students were able to learn the details of what happens after you throw away your plastic bottle into the recycling bin, and what their new recycling and sustainable habits should be.

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The Art of Recycling: 2014 Hatch Festival Art Fair

The second annual Hatch Festival wrapped up its two-week creative re-use art celebration with its art fair this Saturday. Hosted by the Savoy Recreation Center, the fair featured over 25 vendors from all over the Midwest and their recycled creations.


Weener Ware, with its displays of recycled bottle cap jewelry, was one of the 25 vendors from across the Midwest selling repurposed artwork at the Hatch Festival’s art fair on Saturday, March 15, 2014.

I felt the art fair would create a wonderful audio story for my Assignment 7 project. The community environment created between the vendors, fair attendees and their green art initiative made for great speaking points and NATsound.

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