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A picture of myself.

In all honesty, I am terribly sad to be done with multimedia. Also in all honesty: I never necessarily thought I would say that. After getting the 15-page syllabus this summer and coming to class the first day in August, I was extremely intimidated by what I thought I was getting myself into. I didn’t know how to work a camera, and I had absolutely no idea how to edit my work using programs that I had never used. However, it wasn’t long until I realized how much I was learning with each assignment, and tracking my improvements each week felt really cool.

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HERE or is it better to be there.

There’s one thing to be there, but to be at HERE, the name of a brand new apartment complex, means difficult complications and it may not be getting any better. 

For some, this picture doesn't match their current living space.

For some, this picture doesn’t match their current living space.

For residents at 308 E. Green, also known as HERE, things are not quite going as they hoped. HERE began construction at the beginning of the fall semester last year and had planned to be finished by August 2015. But once August rolled by, some apartments weren’t finished in time, which forced residents to find other places to live in the mean time. As HERE quickened the pace in hopes to finish by September, they’re quick work caused some amenities to be left unfinished until later. There are continuous complaints being made, but HERE is doing the best they can. For more on HERE apartments check out their website HERE. 

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A Glimpse Into the Dream: A Reflection Piece By Aaliyah Gibson

Making the dream a reality one step at a time.

The lovely ladies within my life.

The lovely ladies within my life.

Our dreams become reality when we can picture them with our eyes open. That’s the saying I created before entering this class, and the saying the women in my life have been pushing me to believe ever since I pointed to a television show on the small screen and said, “Now that is what I want to do.” This class turned out to be the continuation, if not start, of a dream I’d been trying to make a reality for a while: putting my work on film and showing it to others. I learned quickly that most dreams come easily, but it is the work and effort you put into it that will reflect whether it will become a reality or not. I learned step by step, each assignment helping me grow professionally as I realized my true work ethic. But the proof is in the pudding. (Or the videos and photos and audio packages. But that’s beside the point).

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Assignment 1 Gibson Reflection

Assignment one was both a career defining and thought provoking project for me. After reading Lauren’s blog on the assignment I learned that I would know all the basic fundamentals of video recording and editing on a deadline. While she enjoyed the project and learned a great deal from it, it also helped her to see the true essence of the class and what she truly enjoyed doing. The same goes for me. Continue reading