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Love Smith’s impact on sales, Assign4Kaufman

Since signing at the University in April, local businesses, the Athletic Department and students have experienced a change in school spirit. After speaking with Gameday Spirit retail manager, Cory Shumard, it is clear that sales have increased drastically. Especially, sales of the Lovie T-shirt released by the athletic department.

The Illini nation has been gobbling those up and it feels like those items almost seem to go out the door as fast as they come in,” Shumard said. “So, We have been very happy with keeping up with that and we are going to ride that horse as long as we can.”

Marketing assistant in the Athletic Department, Stephanie Bailen explained the day Lovie was hired the department sold 35 thousand dollars worth of tickets.

“It definitely brought a lot more notoriety to U of I sports because when I came here as a Freshman I didn’t even consider the football games,” said Louis Sagan Junior in LAS.

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