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Assignment 3 goethals UIUC Walks of Life

For this week’s project, I made my video essay a series of videos of different aspects of a typical on campus, filming people only from about the ankle down. I got this idea because the wide variety of different styles and personal expression on this campus has also been very interesting to me, especially the wide variety of shoe style. I was a little worried that my idea wouldn’t translate as well as I saw in my head into to video, but after spending some time filming from the sidewalk view, I’d say it turned out well and I am very pleased with me work.


This is the angle I used throughout my video to capture campus life in a different way.

I definitely felt more comfortable and confident when using adobe premier. I was excited about the project because I was excited about my idea, but I did not realize how time consuming/difficult collecting video is! Since recording every day life relies on things beyond my control, I spent a lot of time filming before I found the perfect shots that I wanted to use for my video essay. I had to get a lot of imperfect shots for every shot that I liked. I was also initially concerned about the project, as a video essay is a little bit of an abstract concept for me and I was having a hard time figuring out how to create a beginning, middle and end in about one minute of video.

My video can be found here.