Conversation with Acceptance

Written by Sihan Wang

On the night of November 9th, I went to the Colwell Playhouse at the Krannert Center to see the November dance, there are four dance performances, “In Conversation”, “Antigamente”, “Tragedy, Ecstasy, Doom”, and “Picked Up Pieces”. The first impression those performances are not as abstract as I thought it would be. Continue reading “Conversation with Acceptance”

Rolston String Quartet

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to the Krannert center watched “Rolston String Quartet”. I enjoyed it very much, similar to the violin-piano duet concert. Although I didn’t hear any familiar song that I might hear before this time, the pieces that they played yesterday was still pretty good.

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Amazing puppet show

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to the Krannert Center watched “No Blue Memories-The Life Of Gwendolyn Brooks”, which is a Shadowplay. The huge Christmas trees looked very good. 

Before I went, I actually have no idea what it is going to be like, I even thought it was going to be like an opera play but only with puppets, but it turns out that the puppet that I know wasn’t the kind of “puppet” that they used on stage. The puppet that they used is all kinds of different shape of people that they cut from paper. This performance was very interesting; I have never seen such a performance with such creativity, it feels like watching an old black & white movie in this modern day, but with no outdated techniques. Continue reading “Amazing puppet show”

Act of Love

Written by Sihan Wang

On the night of November 11, I went to the Colwell Playhouse at Karrnert center viewed Virago Man-Dem performance. I noticed that the performance was started before everyone was seated and lights out, as the audiences went into the theater, there is a person wearing white shirt standing at the corner right under stage facing the stage, and the light was on him since the beginning, I went into the theater early so I notice four performers started to stand on their position one by one before the lights turned off, faced to different direction.

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Sound of Precious Memory

Written by Sihan Wang

On November 10th, I went to the Krannert CeViolin-Pianooyed the Violin Piano duo performance by Itzhak Perlman and Rohan Desilva.

There are crowds of people attended this concert and I’ve never seen that many people in one concert this semester. Continue reading “Sound of Precious Memory”

Lovely Love Story

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to Krannert center Tryon Festival Theater watched a romantic comedy La Bohème, the play was written by Giacomo Puccini, an Italian writer. When I went to inside the theater it was pretty quiet.

It started with the two co-directors introducing the play and made some jokes. Continue reading “Lovely Love Story”

Amazing lights of comedy

Written by Sihan Wang

Tonight I went to the Krannert center and watched the play “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum”, as I went into the theater and started to take pictures, a staff member nicely told me that they don’t allow taking pictures during the show, I realized that maybe my movement was too big, so I took the picture of the program notes and the tickets.

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Arts of Busy Windy City

Written by Sihan Wang

This week I went to the Krannert Art Museum to see the exhibition “Between the buildings: Art from Chicago, 1930s- 1980s”, it’s a very interesting exhibition because there are all kinds forms of art, including paintings, photographs, and sculptures, from lots of artists. All of those various artworks from various artists have one thing in common; those artworks were created and crafted by an artist to express different themes and aspects of the windy city Chicago.

I’ve been to Chicago plenty of times, with my friends or families. Tall buildings and large crowds of people left me with the same impression every single time I visited, busy and bustling. Yet the exhibition showed me another side of Chicago, a side of mystery, abstract, and strange.

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Amazing experience

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night, at the Krannert Center for Performing Arts, the famous guitarist Marcus Tardelli held a solo performance. The moment I entered the hall, I realize that this is the place that we visited two weeks ago, with the ghost light, but right now it’s full of people.

Between the third and the fourth piece, I especially noticed the way he plays that guitar, I feel like although he talks to the audience from time to time, he wasn’t playing for us, he wasn’t playing for anyone else in that Hall except for himself, the way he focused on every single note, the way he enjoyed the music came from the string and the wood. He was just like falling in his music. I think back to myself while I was practicing piano at home, I wasn’t as enjoying the music came from my hand through the wood as he does. While playing a sad part he was frowning, while playing a cheerful part he was shaking his head with the music and smiling.

During the concert, there were people coughs, and making noises that were very loud, it was so quiet that you can almost hear every sound that didn’t come from the guitar. I was first annoyed by all the noise that made by the audience, but later I thought to myself, the noise and music are all sound, why do we typically enjoying the music so much but not the noise? Then I realized that it’s not the difference in sound that makes us feel pleasure or annoying, it’s how we perceived it that makes the difference. Since they are all just different sounds, why don’t I just enjoy this randomness?

Being physically in a concert listening to music is a lot different than listening to the music at home, when we listen to the music at home we choose what we want to listen, whereas in a concert we listen to what the performer presents to us. Sometimes at home when I listen to a song and if I don’t like it I might just cut it or change the song within the first ten seconds, but in a concert, I don’t have such a power, I was forced to finish every single piece whether or not I like it. But the amazing part is that for every piece, even I don’t like it at the beginning, as I kept listening, I find my own enjoyment. For a sad song, I imagine someone just breaks up with his loved one, in the fifth piece I see children playing around the beach, full of smiles and sunshine. I almost remembered all the feelings that I have toward different pieces, which is an amazing experience.

In the end, all of the audience seems really enjoying his performance, and he exits the stage in thunderous applause.

Wait that’s not the end yet, he actually came back and gave us another joyful and fast piece before he exits the stage again in thunderous applause.