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What A Wonderful Journey

Let’s take a look at where we started the semester and where we ended up!

Oh dear, it seems we have reached the end of the semester! I couldn’t think of a better way to end my senior year. I have enjoyed working with my classmates in every shape and form throughout this class. We all have learned so much since the beginning of the semester and every day we got better and better.

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An Apron in an Afternoon

How do you make an apron in one afternoon? Well let me show you!

Hello! I am so excited to be able to teach you how to make a child’s apron! I loved this project. I’ve been sewing since I was a junior in high school and even though I don’t get a whole lot of time to sit down and sew, I get a thrill out of small projects like this one that don’t take up a whole lot of time. So I did spend most of the afternoon making this apron. I started about noon and finished at 6, but that was also because I wanted to film the steps for you.

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C.S.A Fair: Let’s Grow Together

Growing Local Farms One Share at a Time

     The agriculture community is the driving force of our society. They grow the food that feeds our bodies and allows us to be strong enough to strive greatness and change our world. Without farmers and their crops, we do not eat which means we dwindle to non-existence. In times of economic uncertainty, everyone needs financial support. “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA), helps farmers keep food on our tables by selling stock in their farms to members of the community. These stocks give customers a chance to know exactly where their food is coming from and who grows it.

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Neighbor Love, INC: An Elderly Love

When loved ones get older and are not able to care for themselves, some are put into rest homes. These facilities provide the necessary assistance for day to day living. However, some residents are dropped off and rarely see their families. This can have negative effects on both their health and self-esteem. Luckily a non-profit organization, Neighbor Love INC., steps in to help. Continue reading

Danville: Home to Family and Culture

Most people will say that their hometowns hold a special place in their hearts. Others will say they will not miss where they came from and look forward to bigger and better horizons. So whether you fall into the former or the latter, everyone has an origin story. Much like how Batman tries to make Gotham better by fighting crime; I fight the negativity associated with my hometown of Danville,IL. I do this by looking at all the wonderful things that the city has to offer.

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Photo Essay – Life is So Strange

Hello! Thank you for reading my second blog post. For Assignment 2, I was to construct an essay exhibiting the emotions of fear, afraid, hopeful, and excitement.  So why the title, “Life is So Strange”? While I was editing the video that accompanies this post, I was pondering what to title this project and I had Joan Jett’s “Destination Unknown” playing in the background. For those unfamiliar with the song, it is new to me as well, but there is a line that goes “life is so strange when you don’t know…how can you tell where you’re going to.” I thought it was brilliant because we really aren’t sure what is going to happen in life, especially with all of the recent events in our political realm.

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Assignment 1 Smith

Hello! My name is Cassandra Smith and this is my very first blogging experience ever and I am so excited to be doing so for my multimedia class! I am a senior in Broadcast Journalism with a focus in history and music. I am thrilled to take this class as it ties in all mediums of the broadcasting world: Photography, video, and audio. I have experience with videography through my Television 1 class, but photography is a whole new animal for me.

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