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Adventures in Multimedia: Winter Walk Around the Quad

They say there’s beauty in the breakdown – and boy, did I breakdown. All weekend long I was worried about this video essay assignment and all the criterions we had to fulfill. Like most areas in life, I went into overthinking mode and couldn’t think of an idea or topic that I thought would be the most interesting and that would hit all the requirements.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.20.07 PM

A shot of the University of Illinois quad during winter – the main subject of my video essay.

As it was Valentine’s Day weekend, I went to Chicago. And while in Chicago, I thought about filming a billiards hall with its pool tables, bar, food and comedy shows. Pressure Billiards & Cafe was awarded Best Billiards in Chicago Reader’s Best of 2013 guide, and I thought that hit the points of uniqueness and prominence. Unfortunately, the videos had poor lighting. Plan B was to think of something back on campus, and Monday’s snowy weather proved to be an opportunity.

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