A Harrowing Tale of Love and Lust

Sonic Illinois’ interpretation of the Rape of Lucretia provides a modern look at a classic play

written by Janarth Dheenadhayalan

I had never heard of the Rape of Lucretia before, so I was excited to see what this performance would be like. I had been to an opera before but it was in Italian so I was forced to read the subtitles to understand the context of the play. I greatly appreciate that this was sung in English because it meant that I could keep my eyes off of the supertitles and on the performers. I think this alone elevated my experience of the performance.

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Sonic Illinois: Jupiter String Quartet

Photo by: Leah Siegel
Photo by: Leah Siegel

Jupiter String Quartet and special guest put on an amazing performance for Sonic Illinois – a month long celebration of new music.

Written by: Leah Siegel

All month, Krannert Center and the University of Illinois School of Music are celebrating new music and honoring “innovative creators which challenge convention, forge pathways, and expand the creative process”. The second event of Sonic Illinois was performed by the Jupiter String Quartet with Tai Ji Master, Chungliang Al Huang and other dancers.

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