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Assignment 2 Stephens

This week we did our second assignment. We created a compilation of stills, matched with sound and without sound. In regard to technology, the latter didn’t require us to do any more than what we did last week. But in order to capture the sound, I had to learn how to use the equipment provided in class on my own. I recorded the audio separately, trying to find audio that matched the pictures I took. And then we had to teach ourselves how to upload and edit the sound, then put it in the timeline with our videos.

Last week, we shot random pictures and videos just to get to know our cameras. But this week, our pictures all had to be about one topic. While looking around on campus and trying to be observant, I noticed how many signs are telling you what not to do–especially road signs. On my way home from classes one day, I counted about 7 of them. I decided to take the pictures at night since the theme of the pictures is kind of dark. And while I was capturing the audio, a fire truck happened to go by. I thought it would work well, so I recorded that audio and added it in at a couple of points.

Bid Day: Photo Essay With and Without Sound


Sorority member outside her house

My story was on Bid Day, a loud and exciting night for sororities across the University of Illinois campus who are welcoming new members into their homes. This story details what happens after girls receive their bid and run from Foellinger to their chapter houses. From an outsiders perspective, Bid Day is made up of taking cute pictures outside their homes with their new sisters. What people usually don’t see is the dinner and entertainment that happens after. To see the video with sound, click here. To view the video without sound, click here.

Assignment 1 Garvey

Nature still

Nature still

Before this assignment.. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought it would be pretty self explanatory.. Boy was I wrong. I had camera difficulties, causing me to have to read the manual for an extended period of time. After shooting, I realized without a tripod, for me it was almost nearly impossible to get the camera to stop shaking with a freehand even when I didn’t breathe. I have some work to do on that. Editing I had some issues, but I learned throughout every mistake. I am not going to lie, my anxiety was absolutely through the roof. I was worried about making the deadline after my technical difficulties. It was a great learning experience. I’m excited to continue learning/ My video can be viewed here. 



Assignment 1 Wright

IMG_0601Coming into this assignment I felt so overwhelmed from the amount of work that was thrown at us in the first week. At the beginning of this assignment I thought this was going to be the most demanding class I’d ever taken.

However, as I went throughout the assignment it seemed like I reached a “light at the end of the tunnel” moment. The filming was a fun experience, and the editing became easier as I learned the short keys and all the ins and outs. Once I finally got through the process I realized how much fun it actually was and now I am very excited for what is in store throughout the rest of the semester.

My video can be viewed here.

My Multimedia Experience

Cool, A-Roll, Rule of thirds, Images, SEO, Sequencing, Attribution

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 1.18.17 AMWhen I first stepped foot in the multimedia lab, I was excited yet nervous about the class. I remember Dr. Collins introducing herself and the assignments we would complete in this class. i was very overwhelmed with the fast-pace of the course. I became increasingly unsure of how I would perform. Would my projects be good enough? Will I get good grades on them? Will I catch on fast enough?…by the end of my experience I have gained CONFIDENCEContinue reading

Adventures in Multimedia: Sleep, Shower, Sustenance


Mmm, delicious!

Welcome to part two of my adventures in multimedia!

Any photographer or journalist knows how powerful images and photographs can be when the right shot is captured. Photographs are a great storytelling tool that brings in the audience, allowing us to feel emotions, activate our senses and discover new things.

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