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Assignment 2 Blanco

When assigned this assignment I wasn’t sure what to do at all. We were given four words that our work had to be tied around, those words were afraid, fear, excitement, and hopeful. When thinking, I thought an easy way to incorporate those words in my photo essay were to attend an event. I was going to attend the Hockey Game on Friday the 27th but as soon as I was going to head out, I realized my camera battery was dead. I missed the event and I was back at square one again.

A sign while snowing during my night walk taking pictures.

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Critique of Fangi Liu (Casati)

Arts program with Tashi Kyil Tibetan Buddhist Monks

Hey Fangi, I thought this was a really cool idea for a story. I enjoyed the way you started off, however I thought it could have been stronger if you put nat sound in for your introduction and conclusion. For me personally, I thought that the nat sound made a big difference in my own project and I thought it could help yours a lot as well. Also, I liked that you had nat sound in your interview. It helped set the scene which seems to be really important in these audio packages. The one thing I was wondering about though, was who we were speaking with in the interview. It didn’t seem like you introduced your interviewee, and the story was interesting so I wanted to know who we were talking to! Overall it was well done and a nice story. Thanks for sharing!

My Journey Through Uncharted Waters: A Semester of Multimedia

Multimedia journalism was never something I thought I would be interested in but after taking Professor Collins’ J410 class, I challenged myself and now have a handful of new skills I can impress my future employer with one day. This is my journey through the ups and downs of finding those skills.

I remember walking out of the classroom after the first day of J410, I was incredibly anxious about the semester to come and I really did not know if I had it in me to succeed in this class. I had never worked with multimedia before so I knew this semester would be a challenge but I knew that I would learn a lot that would help me with my future career. Continue reading