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Matcha Crepe Cake DIY- Li


Craving for some Japanese dessert? Click here to find out how to make matcha crepe cake with chef Emma!

Homemade matcha crepe cake made by Emma Li on March 25, 2017.

For assignment 6, the How-To video, I decided to do mine on making matcha crepe cake since me and my friend, Chi Tran, have done it before. The steps are really easy to follow so the video is a great opportunity to show people how to make a Japanese style dessert at home. What are you waiting for? Shall we get started?

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Rock With Friends- Li

Students are enjoying their time at the Bridges Rocks event hosted by Bridges International, A Christian organization on the U of I campus.











The Introduction:

Finally, it has come to assignment 4 which is the audio package. I decided to do it on the rock climbing event hosted by Bridges International, a Christian organization at U of I. The purpose of the event was to promote safe interactions between international and domestic students through the physical activity.  Continue reading

Assignment 2 Li






Another week went by and it is time to present my assignment 2 covering topics about excitement and hope. Instead of randomly choosing places on campus to take photos, I picked the Chinese New Year party, an event hosted by Taiwanese Student Association, to be the theme for this particular assignment. Personally, I believe the event is just perfect to shoot photos that include happiness and excitement.

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