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We Made It


Me performing at the Krannert Center For Performing Arts



Me competing as a Fighting Illini

I can’t believe the semester is over! When I first started Multimedia, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have had some experience with Digital SLR cameras, but I have never really produced any video news packages before this semester. This class has given me a new love and appreciation for journalism and media. I think overall my work has definitely improved from day one.


The first project required us to take a variety of shots. This allowed us to get to know our projects. The Sigma 17-70mm lens let me take some great shots… I knew it would be a good semester after using this camera. When I exported my finished product I didn’t select “maximum render quality,” so I realized after what the video quality should have been.


A picture I took of a cow on the University Dairy Farm

The next assignment was the photo essay. This was one of my favourite assignments. One of my teammates is an Animal Science major, so she took me out to the Illinois Dairy Farm to get some pictures. I named my photo essay “The Story of Dairy.” I got up close and personal with the cows and tried to capture how dairy gets from the cow to your refrigerator.

The third assignment was the video essay. I can truly say this was my favourite project of the semester. I created a video sequence of some of my athlete friends playing their sports. The end result was great. Initially I took out the natural sound from the video, but I realized after I should have kept it in. I released a video on Faccebook of the same video but with natural sound. I got a lot of attention on social media. This project made me see I could do something with media in the future. Check it out here!


My freshman year roommate Emily Osoba taking the field

Assignment Four was an audio package. I did my story on the Chicago Symphony Orchestra coming to the Krannert Center for Performing Arts. I love classical music and the theatre so I knew I would have a lot of fun with this. Luckily one of my friends is family friends with two of the violinists in the orchestra, so I got to listen to them play a duet and I got some great interviews with them. It was such an honour to listen to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra! Check out my piece here.


Krannert Center : Courtesy of Kwain Photography


Larry Neuman and Qing Ho with us during intermission







The next assignment was a full news package. It was just the beginning of the fall season when I shot this package, so I thought a fall theme would be great. I decided to write a story on Curtis Orchard and how they get the most business during the fall season. I got some great shots in the pumpkin patch, and some interviews with the manager and a few locals. This was one of the first few packages I have ever done, so it was definitely a learning experience. Looking back, I think I could have incorporated an interactive standup… but overall I was happy with the finished result. Watch my news package here!


A little visitor at Curtis Orchard

Our last assignment before the final was a how-to package. I once again decided to go with the theme of fall. I made a video on how to make pumpkin pie. I got one of my teammates to make a pumpkin pie at her apartment, and then I documented the whole thing. This assignment was not only fun to make, but the finished product was delicious to eat! Initially I wasn’t sure how I would frame my shots, so I just experimented with a bunch of different angles. I put some ukelele music in the background to make it more enjoyable. Watch my how-to piece here! 


The final product of our pumpkin pie


A spokesperson at the Freedom Forum

The final assignment was the real test of everything we have learned this semester. I worked in a group with Matthew, Anatta and Anaja. We were given the topic of “Student Protests,” so we had to produce five elements that tied into that topic. I worked mostly on the news package, how-to package, and the website. Overall, I learned a lot about finding sources for the stories. I had to find away to bring everything back to student protests, so that required a bit of planning. I also got to work on communication and teamwork skills with my group. In the real world you have to be able to work and compromise with people… so this project was a good test for that! Checkout our website here! 

I had such a great semester and I learned so much. I was heartbroken returning my camera today. I actually started looking up Sigma lenses I could potentially purchase for my Nikon SLR just because I enjoyed that camera so much. Thank you Dr. Collins for you kinda words and guidance… I have learned so much from you and this class. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

–  Jade Hilton

Twitter + Instagram : @jadehilton21

The Life of an Athlete

Assignment 3 taught me a lot about using my camera to make videos. For this assignment I decided to film some of my fellow student-athletes. I used a variety of tight and wide shots to show what an athlete does each day.  I decided to use music to make the video more interesting.


Jonathan Wells on Men’s Track and Field preparing to sprint.

Filming sports was definitely interesting as you can be so creative with your shots. A lot of the time I had to get on the ground just to get the perfect angle. It also took a lot of time just to meet up with each athlete so they could show me their sport. I did see some extreme athleticism throughout this project. Overall I am really proud of my work. I have never done a project like this before so I am happy how it turned out! You can check out my project here.

Assignment 5 reflection

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

For this assignment, I did a story on the men’s illini tennis players taking time away from school and college tennis to play professional tennis. This project presented a few challenges, but overall I think that I learned more on this story than I had on either of the 4 previous ones.

The first challenge was the focus of my story. I thought I would be able to focus my story on the current players taking time off, however neither of them were in town therefore made me take a different approach to my story. Rather than focusing on the two individuals I decide to focus my multimedia project on the program’s history of players taking off and why it has been beneficial for players in the past (and present).

The second challenge I faced was scheduling interviews as quickly as I could to get the information I need. I didn’t have much time to work on the project but showed up to the tennis center and got the footage I needed. I also was nervous about editing it after but I think that part went alright. Overall I felt as though I learned a lot from this project and am excited for the “how to.”

Men’s Tennis Attempts Pros

What’s the difference between playing professional tennis and professional basketball?

Jared Hiltzik of Illinois Mens Tennis fires up during competition. Image Courtesy of Facebook

Jared Hiltzik of Illinois Mens Tennis fires up during competition. Image courtesy of Facebook. 

Two members of the Illini men’s tennis team, Jared Hiltzik and Aleks Vukic, are taking a semester off from college tennis to try and play professional ball.

“My dream since I was a kid was to be a professional tennis player. Taking the fall off will allow me to jumpstart my career and allow me to achieve a higher ranking so I can enter bigger tournaments next year,” Hiltzik said. “In addition, it is usually a tough adjustment coming straight out of school to play pro, so this allows me to get a feel for pro life early on.”

According to the men’s assistant coach, Marcos Asse, Hiltzik has been planning on making this move since his freshman year.

“He’s been setting this up for three years now to take the fall off, and just go play pro tournaments, so on a personal level for him, he’s getting good competition,” said Asse. “He’s building up points, so when he’s done with his senior year and done with collegiate tennis he can jump into the pro ranks a little easier.”

Farris Gosea, a recent men’s tennis graduate, took his fall semester off last year similar to Hiltzik. Gosea said that taking time off was a necessary move in order to pursue his goal because of how unique of a sport it is.

“I guess you can’t call it a team sport, you know you’re on the court on your own and it can sometimes get lonely traveling around the world on your own, so it’s definitely a unique sport in itself but it’s one I enjoy,” Gosea said.

Asse agrees that this is the move that needs to be made in order to pursue professional tennis after playing college for four years. In fact, most illinois tennis alumn that have pursued professional tennis after school have taken either a semester or more off.

Asse, Gosea and current teammate Toshiki Matsuya talk about why this move has been popular throughout the history of the program here.

More information on success of professional players from Illinois found here.

Assignment 3: Reflection

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

For this essay I took shots of my assistant coach and got information on her from the website. I think I was pleased with how this essay turned out because I focused on something that I enjoyed and thought it was really cool to be able to film on court. It was also a fun activity to do with the new assistant to get to know her since she just arrived last week.

While I believe that I am getting better at video I know I still have a lot to learn. However, it is nice to see some of my video shots coming out clearer then they did for assignment 1. It was also fun to see my on court shots come together with the sounds of Atkins Tennis Center as well as one of my teammates practicing. I thought it came together nicely and the sound was a big help. I am looking forward to working with video in the future.

Link to my assignment found here.

Assignment 3: Video Essay

Kelly Cameron On Court 

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

After a sudden coaching staff change in the University of Illinois Women’s tennis program, 23-year-old Kelly Cameron packed her bags to head to Champaign last week to start as the official assistant coach of the program. Cameron is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she played division one tennis for four years.

Head coach Evan Clark, also new at the U of I, coached Cameron at UNCW while she was a player there. Clark says he brought Cameron to the Illinois tennis program because she was a leader of the team at UNCW and brought a lot of character to the program there.

Additional information on Cameron found here.

Video essay on Cameron found here.