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Assignment 1 Koshy


Quiet home in Urbana


I was very excited and a little intimidated as I approached this first assignment for JOUR 215. The assignment was not particular about the quality of our work but instead focused on us covering the basics and putting it all together coherently. Even with a beginner level of difficulty on the assignment, the attention to detail and planning required to put together a package was immense. Any small mistake, human made or computer, would result in repeating a given process again but doing this taught me to be careful with each step for the next time and also to try have fun doing the dirty work.

The video that I created can be found here.


Local C-U Band Takes on Feminism

 Liz Amanieh

Students, friends, musicians, and activists. This Champaign native band aims to do it all. Coming together in 2013, to do one thing: make good music.

The group is comprised of the vocal stylings of Emily Otnes, Joey Buttlar on the drums, Celine Broussard on accompanying vocals, Colin Althaus on the guitar, Nick Soria on bass guitar and Alley Weibel on the violin and vocals.


Tara Terra doing what they do best. Courtesy of Tara Terra.

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Amanieh Assignment 2 and 3 Reflection

Equality in Love

I was very fortunate to hear about Champaign-Urbana’s first Gay Pride Parade this past weekend. I immediately knew this would make a great photo essay. I could grab shots of set-up, when they would be blocking off the street for a great beginning shot. I got stills of people in attendance and pictures during the parade for my middle shots. My ending shot was my favorite by far. As the parade had finished, and everyone was clearing out, I noticed a couple walking away hand in hand. I ran up to them, asked them if I can take their photo and it turned out perfect. I got a variety of shots from wide, medium and tight. I tried to really play around with angles, capturing a low angle angle shot. Not only was there a lot of good elements within the parade to shoot, but the people there were so interesting. The subjects I shot were full of emotion, colorful, outgoing, and opinionated. Their demeanor in the stills I took is enough to tell their story.


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