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Multimedia Comes to an End

12189163_126536414373085_406327895107191868_nInitially before the class was even in session I was nervous to see what would come ahead of me. Professor Collins initial email had me worried I would be pilled on with more work than enjoyment. I felt as I had it really cut out for myself for taking up Multimedia and Television 1 in the same semester. However now as we have come to an end I was completely wrong, Collins is one of the best teachers I’ve had at the University, she taught me so much in so little time that had sharpened my skills across the board. Through the semester there were a series of assignments that were completed at a gradual pace, adding one element after another until we combined it all in our final project.  Continue reading

Assignment 3 Reflection

For assignment 3 we were told to create a video essay similarly to the photo essays previously done . The first story topic I had in mind for this project didn’t fall through so I had a plan B of doing a story on getting around campus in various forms of technology. I thought my video and shot angles have improved some, however I believe that I have to learn to become more steady when I’m doing more of my creative shots.

Additionally I have learned that each story must have a clear focus because if not then the viewers can become confused on what the message and purpose of each shot choosen. All in all i’m looking forward to more improvements along the semester.

Assignment 3 Video Essay Sims

Let’s get around Town! 

Nowadays there are many different ways students can commute around campus. For a campus as huge as the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana students need means of getting from one class to another on time. A transportation guide found online shows which type is most beneficial for the trip’s destination. Some are more budget friendly by using walking and biking as their sole means of transportation. Additionally at the U of I the local city bus is free to students as apart of their tuition per school year.

My video essay features all the possibilities of navigating your way to Gregory hall located in the heart of our campus adjacent to the undergraduate library. Gregory hall is home to the college of media students on the university and features a communication library.




Assignment 2 Reflection Sims

A little dash of sugar

A little dash of sugar

Let me start by saying my camera and I have had our fair share of each other. After the first assignment I had to learn how to change the image quality of my pictures to make it easier on myself. Of course that was good ol’ plan C. After getting that figured out the assignment pretty much went smooth sailing. I’m really getting a feel for my camera and love the different angles we were taught in lab because it really makes the photos speak a thousand words. Assignment 2 has showed me this class is challenging but I enjoy it thus far because I know it’ll only advance my skills in multimedia!

Breakfast PEWS/PEWO Sims


Boiling an Egg

For this week’s assignment we had to do two photo essays one with sound and one without sound. The theme I chose to capture was my daily breakfast. I usually like to eat very light before class and I thought making a cup of tea and a quick boiled egg would be the perfect idea. However I noticed it was a little more challenging than expected because I was also required to capture sound of each photograph. This process taught me that timing is everything and I had to learn to choose pictures wisely that would give me great sound. I would say adding the sound to my second photo essay really brought the pictures to reality. MY photo essays can be found here and here 

Assignment 1 Sims

First impressions I thought this assignment would be easy peezy. However as I began to work the equipment on my own I quickly realized I would be in store for something more challenging.



I believe that everything could’ve went wrong for me definitely did from the shooting to the editing process. I couldn’t figure out why my images weren’t saving to my SD card and during editing my files formatted strangely. However I was able to successfully achieve this assignment through the help of Dr. Collins. I kid you not you MUST have your multiple plans on deck because things will go wrong.

I’m just so glad the assignment is finally over, though I look forward to my growth through the skills we’ll inquire in multimedia this semester. Assignment showed me that I have to work on getting comfortable with my tilt and panning skills. I have to get a feel for the camera and the tripod, which i found setting up myself to become a bit confusing.

My video can be found here