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“How To Get Buckets”

"James Boyd drives to the basket for the Romeoville Spartans."

“James Boyd drives to the basket for the Romeoville Spartans.”

In our last assignment before our group final project, Professor Collins had us make a “How To” video. I decided to make my how to video about basketball because it is my favorite sport. In “How To Get Buckets,” I break down the four essential steps of how to shoot a basketball. Continue reading

It Happens Queer – Reflection

Poster at the LGBT Resource Center that says, 'ROPES' an acronym for Respect/Risk Oops/Ouch Pass Educate Safe Space.

Poster at the LGBT Resource Center that says, ‘ROPES’ an acronym for Respect/Risk Oops/Ouch Pass Educate Safe Space.

Assignment five was by far the hardest assignment so far in JOUR 215, but after completing it, I also think it was the most satisfying. My original topic was going to be about the Chinese Students & Scholars Association and the basketball tournament that they run every year, but after running the idea past Dr. Collins I decided to choose a more impactful topic.

My topic was called, “It Happens Queer,” and it’s about domestic violence in queer relationships and I honestly think it was a gift from God that the Women’s Resource Center held a “Lunch On Us” event about it. I knew I wanted to do something related to domestic violence, but addressing that in the LGBTQ community was a learning experience for me and Dawn Brown was a great help.

Getting my sources were pretty easy because I think the Daily Illini has helped me get past the fear of someone turning me down. Now I could care less about who says no, but having the people I used in my video be willing to come forward and talk about this issue was great. I made sure to thank each and every one of them.

As far as logistics go, I felt very comfortable about the my interviews, but where I struggled was finding B-Roll. I think I missed out on a few LGBT events on the Quad this week that would have made for excellent B-Roll, so I think as a journalist I just have to be more aware of the events taking place on campus. I also missed the deadline to turn in my script, so in the future I really have to pay attention more in class and reach out to my classmates just to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Regardless of that, I did make sure that every part of my assignment was done before class today and I was very proud of my finished product. Dr. Collins gave me so great ethical and practical tips on what to use and not use in my videos for the future, so I’m really looking forward to applying that knowledge to the “How To,” video.



Assign 3 Boyd – “What’s up with Wassaja?”

Wassaja Hall is located on the corner of First and Gregory.

Wassaja Hall is located on the corner of First and Gregory.

When Professor Collins assigned our JOUR 215 class to create a video essay, I was a little nervous because in my opinion, video is a lot more difficult than stills. It’s easy to just get a bunch of pictures that go together and put them in order, but with my video essay, I really wanted to tell a story.  Continue reading

Assignment 2 Boyd


MarkerLab is located on the third floor of the Business Instructional Facility.

The second assignment in JOUR 215 was to create two photo essays, one without sound and one with sound, using 12 still images. I enjoyed this assignment much more than the first simply because this time around, I had already learned how to work my camera. Having moved past the beginner stages in assignment one, during assignment two I felt like I had a lot more creative freedom and confidence in my work.
When thinking about what topic I was going to do my assignment on, I kept the acronym, “COOL,” (Colorful, opinionated, outgoing, and lively) in the back of my mind. A few days after we discussed the assignment in class, I read an article on beckman.illinois.edu about 3D printing, and since I had never seen 3D printing in person, I figured it would be an interesting thing to take pictures of.
Dr. Vishal Sachdev over at MakerLab was very helpful throughout this assignment, and allowed me to come in and take pictures of the many things going on in the world of 3D printing at UIUC. I really like how my assignment turned out, and I might even be taking a 3D printing class next semester.



Onto the next one

ith g3 preset

A picture of myself.

In all honesty, I am terribly sad to be done with multimedia. Also in all honesty: I never necessarily thought I would say that. After getting the 15-page syllabus this summer and coming to class the first day in August, I was extremely intimidated by what I thought I was getting myself into. I didn’t know how to work a camera, and I had absolutely no idea how to edit my work using programs that I had never used. However, it wasn’t long until I realized how much I was learning with each assignment, and tracking my improvements each week felt really cool.

Continue reading

Assignment 3 Reflection- Wright

Ball is Life

Lower courts at the ARC (Cunningham)

Overall I was really happy with my video essay about my friends playing basketball. I really enjoyed my editing of this assignment and I believe it was the best aspect of it, just as it was in my photo essay. I liked working with a topic I enjoyed and the entire process was a pretty good time. I received a lot of positive feedback from the class and I feel a lot of my classmates shared in my liking of my work.

This time I came in around 9 p.m. on Monday to get a head start on my editing which helped A LOT with the shortened deadline on Tuesday. The entire process was easier having spaced it out and it was a lot less stressful.

The biggest thing that I learned this week is to watch out for the automatic focusing on the camera. In my opinion it was the biggest flaw in my video, but now I am sure I will not let that get in the way of any future videos.

Assignment 3: Video Essay

Kelly Cameron On Court 

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

After a sudden coaching staff change in the University of Illinois Women’s tennis program, 23-year-old Kelly Cameron packed her bags to head to Champaign last week to start as the official assistant coach of the program. Cameron is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she played division one tennis for four years.

Head coach Evan Clark, also new at the U of I, coached Cameron at UNCW while she was a player there. Clark says he brought Cameron to the Illinois tennis program because she was a leader of the team at UNCW and brought a lot of character to the program there.

Additional information on Cameron found here.

Video essay on Cameron found here.

Assignment 1 Garvey

Nature still

Nature still

Before this assignment.. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought it would be pretty self explanatory.. Boy was I wrong. I had camera difficulties, causing me to have to read the manual for an extended period of time. After shooting, I realized without a tripod, for me it was almost nearly impossible to get the camera to stop shaking with a freehand even when I didn’t breathe. I have some work to do on that. Editing I had some issues, but I learned throughout every mistake. I am not going to lie, my anxiety was absolutely through the roof. I was worried about making the deadline after my technical difficulties. It was a great learning experience. I’m excited to continue learning/ My video can be viewed here. 



Assignment 1 Wright

IMG_0601Coming into this assignment I felt so overwhelmed from the amount of work that was thrown at us in the first week. At the beginning of this assignment I thought this was going to be the most demanding class I’d ever taken.

However, as I went throughout the assignment it seemed like I reached a “light at the end of the tunnel” moment. The filming was a fun experience, and the editing became easier as I learned the short keys and all the ins and outs. Once I finally got through the process I realized how much fun it actually was and now I am very excited for what is in store throughout the rest of the semester.

My video can be viewed here.

A Journey Through Multimedia Journalism


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 2.53.07 PM

A photo of myself.

Just signing up for this class stressed me out. I knew it would be full of projects and equipment I didn’t know how to use. I was right but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I learned SO much, by messing up and trying again and asking for help. Asking for help is key in this class, and starting the project early. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Starting early will save you from missing an assignment or pulling an all-nighter.

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