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Aksinya: Sunshine Joy and Career Fair


This class is awesome!

It’s been five weeks already, since I am in this class. First week turned out to be quite stressful. I did not know what to expect, and I did not know how successful this class can be for me. Dr. Collins is very energized and inspiring professor, so I realized she would help us succeed. When I saw the syllabus, I got nervous because of the amount of work that needs to be done this semester. But, it’s probably better because this prepares us for the future. Therefore, our first two assignments were Video Essay and VOSOTVO.

Video Essay Project

The Video Essay assignment was very interesting to film, edit and present. However, I experienced some challenges. First, the tripod I used turned out to be broken, specifically its legs. So, it was hard for me to stabilize it every time. Despite this challenge, I believe my footage turned out nice and bright. But, before filming children playing on the playground, I had a different plan. I filmed dogs playing at the dog park; however, my forage turned out to be blue and lacked sound. Obviously, I felt upset, but I realized I had to move on and avoid making the same mistakes. Therefore, the next day I went to South Park to film children having fun; but before, I triple-checked the sound, white balance, and gain. After an hour of filming, I returned home and watched my footage; I could not be happier with the result. The next step was editing. When I put pieces together, I always thought, “What will be my focus?” So, I constantly changed footage and its order; eventually, I was able to finalize my first video project. After I was done editing, I began writing my script. For some reason, I felt good about what and how I was writing. But also, thanks to Dr. Collins, we had a script example. I tried to follow 3C’s, and I believe I accomplished it. I did not find it challenging to write conversationally; probably it’s because I am not a native speaker, and I always use simple words when I write and talk. My last stage was to present my Video Essay. When I go upfront, I always feel nervous and my heart is pounding fast. Though, as soon as I begin speaking, my nervousness disappears. I felt energized and happy to present my Video Essay, because I love doing stories about kids. Based on the Dr. Collins’s critique, she motivated me to do even better. Therefore, I was ready for the next project.

VOSOTVO and VO Project

My next video project was VOSOTVO and VO. Unfortunately, it was not as successful and smooth as the Video Essay. First of all, my plan A, which I was the most excited about, failed. I was ready to go and film, but the event got postponed; and I lost my opportunity to do a good story. Then, I decided to do a story about the flu season; however, the physicians, I wanted to talk to, were busy on that day; plus, I would be the third or fourth student to do a story about the flu season. Once again, my plan B failed. Then, while I was at work, my co-worker told me that there was the University Career Fair at the Union. At that moment, I felt he was my life-saver. I ran to the Dole to get equipments, and I found out that all the JVC cameras were gone. I felt upset, but did not let my mood to take over. The only choice I had was to reserve a tiny Canon camera that does not white balance, have a clear focus and sound. To make my story nice, I decided to change my mood and think positively. I was at the fair for two hours, and I had over 150 b-rolls. When I returned to my office, I checked my footage; honestly, I did not know what to expect. However, I was happy that the footage turned out ‘okay.’ I wrote the script, and I felt confident about my writing. However, I was not confident about timing. Though, I practiced as much as I could to perfect it. Then, when it was time to present upfront, I felt nervous once again. My goal this semester is to learn how to calm this feeling down because it distracts me from showing my emotions and personality. Also, even though I tried to sound conversational and natural, I think I failed. As my VOSOTVO was showing, at the end of the video I did not have any patting; so, it went black. Therefore, this is something I need to improve for the next VOSOTVO project. As Dr. Collins told us, “Say it, see it,” I think I did a good job on that, except of the SOT. For some reason, I included an extra b-roll, which did not make sense, over the interviewee. Overall, all this is one step forward to be better and perfect myself and my work. Next time, I will improve my video by adding patting at the end, practice timing myself, work on being conversational and showing my personality, avoid unnecessary b-rolls in the video, and stay more optimistic.



I enjoy this class because of its energy and Dr. Collins’s positivity, and motivation. I am looking forward to learning and practicing more in this class.

– Aksinya Kichigina

Stix- Video Essay Assignment 3 Ramirez

The Process

From the beginning I had no idea what I was going to shoot. I like assignments that are a little more specific and tell me what I need to do. Although a rubric was given, I needed some more direction. Kind of like the one we got in assignment two. I put on my thinking cap and came up with the idea to film my new friend and his drumming skills.

My mind was everywhere and in between before I decided to film Matthew’s drumming. I thought maybe I’d film my best friend’s dog or maybe a day in the life of a perspective student. When I found my topic, I filmed him for about 2 hours playing drums. While filming, I had my camera on the tri-pod for a long time until I decided I needed to be closer and get more tight shots. I took my camera off the tri-pod, sat on the floor, and started filming his foot hitting the drum. Then I stood up and tried to get some video from a medium shot. I also wanted to make sure my shots were focused and not shaky.

I also knew that my natural sound had to be perfect since I was filming a musician and the sound of the drums would be a very important part of the video. I played around a lot in Adobe Audition and used de-hummer and noise stabilizer a lot!

Another hard part to making this video was deciding how I was going to end it. I knew it had to be related to how drummers end their sets, so I filmed Matthew placing his sticks on the top of his drum and I thought that would be a good place to end.


Looking back on my assignment, I wish I didn’t play it safe. I did want to make sure I included all the aspects to the rubric, but I should have been more creative. I really wish I got a high angle of Matthew playing, along with some shots behind him. I also wish I added some of the video of him talking to the camera so it shows the audience who is talking. I tried to focus too much on the drum playing, instead of the person playing the drums. I did enjoy this assignment and the editing portion, but if I were to do it again, I would try to think out side of the box a little more. This was by far the hardest assignment and I took the simple route when I should have gone all out.

For the next assignment, I am going to take the critique I got today and make sure that doesn’t happen. I will think outside the box ! Let’s Go!

Watch ‘Stix’ Here

Ballin Till We Fallin: Assignment 3 Reflection


Much like I did for my photo essay, I decided to document my fraternity for this assignment. This time, instead of capturing a rush event, I opted to dive a little deeper into who we are. Basketball (as well as a few other sports), is something we hold sacred. Whether we are watching, playing, or discussing them, sports bring us together. It’s something that takes our minds off the stress of being a smaller fraternity, as well as the problems we have as individuals. That being said, this assignment felt a lot more intimate to me than my previous work.

Brothers of Phi Kappa Theta warming up for a high energy game of basketball.

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Race Day- Kerndl


Finally, assignment three is over with!  I looked at a lot of past students’ work and was really looking forward to shooting my own video essay for assignment three.  Again, I was having a bit of trouble coming up with an idea, until I heard from my old track coach.  He told me he would be in town for the USATF meet this weekend.  I always love going to track meets here to see my former coach, teammates, and their parents.  I figured this would be the perfect place to shoot my video essay, so I brought my camera along and had a great time shooting.

Jenna Diers prepares for her 400m dash at the Armory on Sunday, February 5, 2017.

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