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To Be Continued

James Boyd wears a shirt that says, "UNARMED" in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

James Boyd wears a shirt that says, “UNARMED” in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Up until this point, every journalism class I had taken at UIUC was easy. It all came naturally so I never felt much pressure to get my assignments done. However, this class challenged me from the start and by the end I think it truly humbled me. Continue reading

The Perks of Home – goethals

Photo curtesy ofhttps://www.boisevbc.com

Photo curtesy ofhttps://www.boisevbc.com

This week was the only home tournament for the Women’s Club Volleyball team, an exciting weekend for the ladies of the squad. This weekend is special because it is the only opportunity for friends and family of the team to come and show support for the women who play all year-round. Senior and Executive Board member Jane Eagleton’s mother came up from Nashville, a yearly event for her that is regularly a highlight of her year.

The team publicized the event via a Facebook event to bring out fans to the tournament, who cheered on the team from 10 am to 6pm last Saturday at the Arc. The girls say having friend and family attend is a rewarding experience because they work so hard to put on the tournament. The group is entirely self-run. There is no coach or guidance from the university. The girls elect an executive board who is in charge of coordination, but everything is largely a team effort, on and off the court.

Part of hosting a home tournament involves funding it, which the team does by paying dues out of pocket, hosting fundraisers, selling apparel, and asking family and friends for donations.

The Perks of Home – assignment 5 goethals – REFLECTION

My video can be found here.

This week I felt very stressed out and very much out of my element working on this project. There is a phrase that Einstein said once, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid” and this week I kind of felt like that fish. I realized once I started shooting the event that I had no idea how to go about shooting a volleyball tournament and that it was a lot harder than I had anticipated. I felt like I had cool ideas and visions of what I wanted in my head, but it was as lot harder to put into practice and get good shots.

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Assignment 4 Boyd – Illinois volleyball is in Seventh Heaven

Opposite hitter Naya Crittenden attempts to spike the ball.

Opposite hitter Naya Crittenden attempts to spike the ball.

It has been an up and down season for Illinois volleyball. The team won the Illnii Classic tournament to start the year, but went on a four-game losing streak shortly thereafter. Following a blowout loss to Oregon, Illinois finally bounced back with a win against Belmont.

Since then, the Illini are now on a seven-game win streak with their latest victory coming against Rutgers. Freshman Jacqueline Quade and senior Naya Crittenden logged 12 kills and 11 kills respectively to lead Illinois to victory.

Illinois will face now face No.1 Nebraska at home Wednesday night. The Cornhuskers have won 27 consecutive matches dating back to last season and will look to put an end to the Illini’s win streak.

To hear more about Illinois’ most recent victory, check out my audio package.

Co-hosting a Classic


Illinois players talk strategy before their game against Illinois State. Illinois has been co-hosting the Hoosier-Illini Classic with Indiana since 2002.

This weekend I got to compete in and cover the annual Hoosier-Illini Classic, a national-ranking tournament that draws teams from all over the midwest and the east coast. With 32 of the nation’s top teams entered, the competition was fierce, but the vibes were friendly as ever. The tournament location has been switching off between Illinois and Indiana Universities since 2002, but technically both teams are still the hosts each year.

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