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A fun look from the other side

A friend of mine, Zoe Replinger who played one of the scientist’s in the show. It is always cool to watch a friend of yours be able to perform!

“Because I am your Queen” was a wonderful show that offered an in depth look of feminists throughout history.

By: Daniel Corry

“Because I am your Queen” was a really fun show about famous women in power such as Queen Elizabeth, Shakespeare’s Hermione, and Medea all together at a secret interstellar day spa. The spa is run by scientists who figured out how to get all these women in the same place through time. They develop a plan to change history by making each female lead more confident, but will only work if each woman learns and changes something about themselves before they leave the spa.

I know, the premise is a little out there, but honestly I really enjoyed that aspect of it. This is not some silly spin on an old story, or some throwaway plot devise, this is a completely original idea with a feminist educational aspect thrown in as well.

As a man, I obviously haven’t grown up surrounded by stories of how women are written off or looked down on, and the way this show educated it’s audience while also driving a unique plot and using multiple real women in history was just a very fun ride for me. The story was funny, sometimes self aware of it’s own zany-ness, and did a good job of speaking of topics such as space, time travel, the patriarchy, and ancient history without getting the audience lost or bored and I really counted that as a job well done!

This show was really a blast to see and I was very proud of the entire cast and crew that put it together!