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Get An Extra Boost of Energy for Midterm Week

In the midst of all the cramming and anxiety, now’s the time when heading to the gym is the best alternative. The Activities and Recreation Center, known as ARC, has many options for students to take a step back, release some stress and get away from all the book and lecture notes.


Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) photo. Credit to BodyWork Associates at University of Illinois

With midterm season slowly approaching, the ARC is a great healthy distraction in maintaining a healthy lifestyle . Many students find that they don’t have time to make their way to the ARC, but even an hour a day will help give you more energy to finish that study guide. To motivate yourself a little more, follow the link to get going.

To find more information about the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) click here.

Facility hours can be found here.

Jonen Assignment 2 and 3 Reflection

images    With being a sports person, I really wanted to shoot the football game on Saturday because I had some great shot ideas. Unfortunately I had to work the game instead so I had to go to Plan B for Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 which was the ARC. The ARC was actually a really interesting place to shoot because there’s always so much going on and a bunch of different story angles to take. Continue reading