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These full packages are the first full packages the students have produced in class…this exercise helps prepare the students for TV 2 as well as multimedia. The final Project for TV 1- each student will produce a 5 minute newsbreak using their completed package, a vo and vosotvo for television broadcast.

A Black Man

Being a black man is a challenge… especially with all of the negative stereotypes they face on a daily basis.
But despite these challenges, African American students at the U of I say they’re staying true to themselves.

U of I has organizations such as Men of Impact, to encourage continuous success and empowerment for men in the African American Community.

Edible Book Festival Package- Madaras

LEAD: It’s the tale of two cities, quite literally, just reincarnated as a cuisine.Champaign/Urbana book-lovers gathered at the Edible Book Festival today, to see their favorite stories be recreated using food.( :10)

TAG: Throughout the day more than 200 guests came to taste the literary magic. This is one festival where I had my cake and ate it too. (:12)


Anchor Lead: So your eating organic and feeling pretty good about it? Here’s the thing…conventional food may not be as bad as it is portrayed to be.

For story click here.

Anchor Tag: When we come back, find out what movie scared it’s way to box office success!

Women of Color

Women of Color, a campus organization is dedicated to
uplifting and uniting women on campus and throughout the community.

Check out the story here!

And though women’s week has come to a close… the organization believes that it’s important for women to love themselves and strive to reach their full potential everyday. For UI-7 News, I’m Ta’les Love Reporting.



Assembly Hall Renovations

The Assembly may be getting a face-lift after next year’s men’s basketball season. Excitement is building as the plan is finally beginning to unfold. Click on the like below for the full story.

Pending on a few permits and contracts, construction is set to begin next March. The project will most likely be finished in steps so that the men’s and women’s basketball teams will not be forced to find an alternative venue for home games

Tunnel of Oppression, Andrea Medina

Unfortunately in our modern society people that happened to be of a different ethnic background or look different because of a physical disability receive unwanted stares from others that precieve themselves as “being normal” or part of the majority.

This is something many Americans face everyday as they go about in their daily lives

The “Tunnel of Oppression” is free to the public. For further information of the program or how to be involved next year contact Rachelle Hernandez at