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From Cannot to Canon

One girl’s storywgn

about her Trials and Tribulations

in a Multimedia Course


It took a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of dedication to get where I’ve gotten in Multimedia, but the journey was well worth it – and a journey it was.

When I first enrolled in this multimedia course taught by Professor Janice Collins, I thought I’d learn a lot about how to operate a camera, how to shoot a video and maybe how to write a news script or two. But the lessons I’ll take away from Journalism 410 are so much deeper than those skills. I have acquired an appreciation for the art, an understanding of the world I will be reporting on and I think I conquered how to suppress the agonizing fear of missing one of Professor Collin’s hard deadlines by turning that fear into fast-paced, yet thorough work, to complete each project in a on time.

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Now You Can Trust Me With A Camera!

How I Became Zero To Hero With Multimedia


When I first enrolled for Journalism 410, I was excited, but nervous!  I knew nothing about composing a video out of stills, video and audio, but I was prepared and ready to learn!  There were a lot of bumps in the road and continuous ups and downs, but now I can confidently say that I am on the right road to becoming a well-rounded journalist!

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From Clueless to Confident

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This class matters

With news organizations putting so much attention on their websites and social media outlets, it’s crucial to have multimedia reporting that adds a visually engaging element or ear-grabbing sound bite to a basic text story.  Not all stories are best served with the traditional presentation.  People want to see slideshows of storm aftermath, see for themselves what a New York mayor’s campaign is like, or be able to hear a young composer talk about collaborating with a legendary composer.  I’m a news-ed major, so I have focused solely on writing stories so far, but this class has given me the tools to tell stories in different ways.

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Surfing the Multimedia Web

Final Cut, Cameras, and Crash-Landing

When we began in this class, I was also simultaneously beginning TV1.  I was about to be in a little bit over my head, but I was so excited to start the hands-on portion of journalism that I knew I could handle it.  Since I want to go into film, this was one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve had in my college career (“I get to rent a camera for a whole semester?!“).  Although there were many, many pitfalls in the beginning, over time they became triumphs- both with Final Cut user details and with full projects. Trial and error was something I never really wanted to get into before, but being forced to simply try things and go out of my comfort zone pushed me into a new realm of education.

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My Footprints on the Map of Multimedia Journalism

A Multimedia journalist on the Rise

Let me take you on my journey through Mrs. Collin’s Multimedia class where I learned to be a multimedia journalist.

I was really excited for JOUR410 because I enjoy multimedia, especially photography and videography. To describe myself at the beginning of my career as a multimedia journalist, I would call myself fairly inexperienced, yet excited to learn. Although I was inexperienced, I expected a lot from myself, as I always do, being a perfectionist. I had a lot of experiences through out the course that challenged me, tested my patience and strengthened my time management skills. Sit back, relax and let me take you through my experiences as I was shaped into a multimedia journalist- thanks to Mrs. Collins!

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Baby steps to now walking in the shoes of a multimedia journalist

Coming into multimedia class, I had prior knowledge of using Final Cut Express from working at the Daily Illini, but it proved to be one of my weaknesses, hopefully by the end of the semester I can make that weakness become a strength. Before we dive into my journey this semester, let’s a hear a few words from the man who made this final project possible.487218_551764708190617_837046101_n

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Making the Most of My Multimedia Journey

Both the high and low points of the semester made it an incredible learning eperience

From the very beginning, my journey in multimedia has been fast-paced and exciting. The class was unlike any other I have ever taken. Walking in on the first day, I thought we would have a couple weeks to get acclimated to the multimedia waters. Instead we jumped right in.

After some Final Cut Pro instruction we were off working on Project 1. Since I had some previous experience with multimedia, the photos and video were fairly easy to put together. The biggest struggle was figuring out Final Cut Pro but I was happy to have such a simple project to practice my editing skills. Continue reading

Becoming a real multimedia journalist!

I’ve learned too many precious things about multimedia in my JOUR 410 class this semester and cannot believe that it is already end of the semester!

multimedia Throughout the semester, I could actually experience what multimedia journalists do for real. As our society changes rapidly as the technology develops, the importance of multimedia journalism is getting bigger and bigger. This article shows how mobile phones are affecting journalism styles. Before I took this class, I was really afraid of using technology, because I am not good at using those, but after learning through many different assignments and helps from peers and Professor Collins, I feel confident now! Although I thought I would not be able to finish all those assignments on time, properly, I am really happy to see all of my works done. I cannot believe that It is already December, which our class would end up soon. I definitely will miss this class and Professor Collins since she was not only a great professor but also a biggest supporter for me to learn more about multimedia.

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Documenting My Journey Through Multimedia

tveiten wordcloudWhen I look at my journey through Multimedia it was filled with many ups and downs that I had to get over in order to succeed. I compare this to my life in general,  this semester I faced a lot of challenges that if I wouldn’t have remained focused they would have caused me l. But in doubt of these challenges I was able to persevere and although even though everything that comes out of it isn’t always the best it teaches you a lesson so that you can eventually be the best you.

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