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School of Jazz First Combos

By: Nancy Ibarra Medrano

The variation in performance and the expounded exposure left me convinced of the potential in the instrumentalists in this genre. There was growth in each combos presentation. Growth that I could see at both the individual and collective level.

A combo named after a combo.
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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

This was my favorite show so far. I used to build sets for plays in high school so I always think it is interesting to see how directors make the set and how they interpret it. I thought the set for this show and how the cast interacted with it was so cool, one of my favorite sets I have ever seen. I like to pay attention to how the lighting is put into the play too and I really liked how it was.

I am also a very emotional person and I was so emotional during this play. the actors were so good I felt so into the play and into the story, I loved it. All of the actors played their characters so well I was so impressed. I am a person with a very short attention span, I do not even enjoy sitting through movies in movie theaters, but this play kept me engaged and interested. The actors played their roles so well.

I think an actor playing someone who is disabled but is not disabled is something that is very controversial right now. The actor has to play this role very well and be educated about the role they are performing. After discussing it in class I learned they did their research to make this role happen and that makes me very happy.

Renee Baker: Everything Influences Everything

By Nancy Ibarra Medrano

This week, the Exploring Creativity in the Arts class had guest speaker, Renee Baker come in to share her story as a renowned composer creating a platform for women and people of color in the world of fine arts.

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Poem Post 2/4

If I were a mode of transportation, I would be a small but sturdy boat sailing calmly through waters unknown.

If I were a time of day, I would be the evening in between a bad morning and a great night.

If I were a room, I would be a bedroom; a sanctuary and the only place where people are their true selves.

If I were a form of weather, I would be the sunniest of days.

If I were a time in history, I would be alive on a day where Zora Neale Hurston would be alive to teach me.

If I were an item of clothing, I would be a dress – giving confidence and comfort.

If I were a body of water, I would be the Atlantic.



The dawn is hidden from many,

From those held in the clutches of sleep.

The horse is wild and free,

Too fast and mighty for any to take.

Yet, sometimes, when the dawn shines its golden light upon the eyes,

Or when the horse, instead of running, approaches,

When the right one appears,

One may see the dawn.

One may ride the horse.

One may know the secrets.


Poem “About Me”

By Lesly Marroquin

[Image provided by Unsplash]

In the dusty room she sits, looking through abandoned books

A dog peacefully sits at her feet, dreaming of chasing something in a magical world

Children outside are shouting in delight, riding around together on a red bicycle

She continues to flip through the stories, looking for something

Dust dances on the beams of the setting sun and a gentle cool breeze sneaks in through the window

The cheers die down in the distance, they are probably heading to the creek one last time

The sky is painted in an orange pink glow, a reward after a long summer’s day

She stops to smile at a book, the cover filled with her childhood fantasies

As she steps out of the room, she forgets a single ring tucked on top of a stack of books

The golden glow soon fade in dark and the day is done


The voice spoke on very deep subjects. Poetry filled with hatred and confusion. Speaking of neglect and denial from a mother. Growing up hating your mother, your creator, because of the way you were brought up. The performance started with the poet playing his guitar. Drawing the audience into a piece that I personally really wasn’t expecting. A person feeling suicidal because the lack of love received from their parent.

There was more than one poem, but they mostly consisted of the same subject. Blaming the world for how life works. Despising your mother for bringing you into the world. The readers emotions were at rage. The poem emphasized the emotion. Everyone has disagreements with their parents once in a while, but personally I could not relate. I love my mother through the good and the bad. Respect should always be a part of a relationship.