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Nature and Amenities at West Quad- Assign 3 Muno

I chose to focus my video essay on the West Quad apartment complex in Champaign. I think I did my project as more of a sequence of great pictures, rather than a story so I think thats my own biggest critique on my project. Also, in retrospect I should have had a stronger initial statement video rather than my shot of the pebbles. I wish I had taken a wide shot of the apartment complex or something that fit better with my title. I’ve always thought the architecture and designs at West Quad were pretty so I thought it would make for a “cool” video essay. I’m starting to notice that I’m gaining an artistic eye. When I’m behind the camera I see things differently than when I’m just walking around doing day to day things. I’m becoming more observant. It’s really fascinating to look at life from this new perspective. I’m seeing how beautiful things are that I would usually take for granted. I did notice that videos are harder to take than pictures. I need to practice taking videos without my tripod to get more comfortable. I did not experience much hardship with this project, so overall I think it ended up really good! I’m excited for the partner critiques to see what I can work on for the next project.