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The Power of Movement: The Body as an Instrument Against Oppression

The production of Drumfolk was performed by the professional organization Step Afrika! at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in the Colwell Playhouse on February 7th, 2020. Drumfolk is a stepping performance that highlights the battles of Africans throughout American history. 

By Elena Grantcharski

Ticket Stub for the Friday performance of Drumfolk

In my opinion, the entire point of Drumfolk was the concept of using your body as an instrument. One of the most powerful parts of the performance for me was when they narrated that, “They took our drums, but they could not stop the beat.” It showed the power of making something out of nothing. They no longer had their drums, so they had to use their bodies. Most of the performance was stepping and beatboxing and it shows how they would not let themselves be oppressed. In a literal sense, they were slaves; but in their mind they would never consider themselves as such. The power of the mind, the strength of their will, and the expression in their movements was very apparent in this performance. Dancing amazes me because of how accurately dancers can express their feelings just by moving their bodies. 

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Can’t Stop the Lively Beats of Step: Afrika!

Step: Afrika! Drumfolk, inspired by the Stono Rebellion in 1739, shows the human will and perseverance of African Americans to preserve their culture.

Written by Willa Wu

Step! Afrika performed “Drumfolk” in the Colwell Playhouse of the Krannert Center for Performing Arts on February 7, 2020.  The energetic performers, who have sold out shows on Off-Broadway, delivered an educational and fun performance on an event that few people are aware of, but is crucial to African American culture: the Stono Rebellion.

The ticket stub in front of the Colwell Playhouse, taken right before entering.
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Could not stop the beat—An Amazing Performance Brought by Step Afrika!

On February 7, Step Afrika!, a non-profit dancing company that focuses on the African American traditions of “steppings”, brought Drumfolk to Colwell Playhouse at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. The performance explored the historical events and developments of African American culture and eulogizes the fight for freedom and liberty.

Written by Yushan Guo

The creators and performers of the show
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