Dancing in the Krannert Art Museum

By Luke Garza

The Krannert Art Museum recently hosted Jennifer Monson’s Dance Workshop, an event open free to the public which was an interactive event which took place all over the Museum. Participants were asked to move their body in response to different activities. Included in this event was also a response/analysis to artwork to as well as group activities.


Our group moments before the event.

Our very first activity took place outside the Krannert Art Museum, in the grass. We were told to close our eyes and to listen to the sounds around us. First, a sound that was far away, I focused on a distant conversation personally. Second, a sound very close, I chose a cricket in the nearby grass. We were then instructed to move in the direction of the close sound soon after. This in particular reminded me of the many hikes and nature walks I have been on, especially at night when all you can hear are the sounds of the wildlife as the darkness obscures your vision.

The beginning of the sound activity

Afterwards, we returned inside to a very large room in the Krannert Art Museum, this time to move around with our eyes closed or to observe a partner as the moved around blind. I personally chose to sit still for the three minutes of blindness, but I could hear as other moved around through the sound of their feet and hands striking the floor. It was almost peaceful, sitting in such a wide open area, it could only have been made better through a lack of sound. I felt somewhat relaxed as it was a good follow up to the movement of the first activity.

A presentation of some artwork

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