A night filled with music & good vibes [makeup event]

Written by: Laura Chong

This is a makeup event.

FYG U Music + Tech Festival Illinois was a blast! A musical sensation.

the crowd at the festival

The FYG U Music + Tech Festival was the first music festival that I have attended outside of Singapore. It was certainly an eyeopening experience!

There were 7 deejays that night: Trippie Redd, Wale, Made in TYO, Y2K, Souly Had, Lonely God and Teyonahhh. The different djs had their own style when spinning music.

It was an amazing performance because there was a spatial relationship between the deejays and audience. The crowd engagement style by Trippie Redd was to sing with the crowd. I found this method only effective when the crowd knows the song that the dj was spinning. Nevertheless, it was fun when everyone sings together. The audience responded differently when the dj plays a different kind of music. For example, when the dj increased the bass, people started dancing more enthusiastically. When the dj was singing, the audience was waving their hands in the air, following the rhythm of the song.

The props used in this performance was the deejay equipment, speakers, mixers, controllers and a large screen. I find the props very important to provide a sensory experience in this performance. The music has to be loud enough and there should be lights etc to enhance the musical experience.

Overall, the performance met my expectation. However, it was not the best music festival that I have been to. I felt that there could be more props to heighten the experience such as increasing the lights element. The floor was also very muddy and distracted me from enjoying the performance completely. Nevertheless, the best part of the performance was definitely the groovy music!

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