Expression with Creation, and Vice Versa

Written by Raymond Diaz

The evening began with a brief meeting in the lobby of Krannert Art Museum. Here we met with who KAM would be hosting for the night, Jennifer Monson. The event would be a dance workshop that we the audience would be taking part in. It served as an interactive experience that included using our senses to clear our minds and connect with our surroundings, using our bodies to demonstrate how we felt, and then analyzing the art work and creating our own response using drawings or a form of dance to express what it meant to us.—move-seesee-move

The Lobby where we met

For the first activity the audience headed out to the front of Krannert Art Museum and huddled into a group on the grass. We were instructed to first close our eyes and listen to the sounds around us. One far, the sound of a car driving away to a destination unknown. Then a sound near, to which I honed in on a cricket accompanied by the wind. This brought the vivid image of myself standing in a field with the wind blowing as crickets chirped and the stars shined down, if a car drove by it were as if it began to rain and I would be standing there as the dirt began to turn to mud. This brought upon the feeling peace and home, to which the leader of the event, Jennifer Monson, asked to face the direction in which we believed our home was.

The Group was taken out here where we would use our senses

Once all thoughts and experiences had been collected we headed inside. We went into a large open space towards the right wing of the art museum. Here we were able to sit and were told that we could move around and do as we felt, with our eyes closed. I myself started off by just sitting, but slowly I felt energetic and began to roll around and slide around the floor. After the three minutes were up I felt invigorated and felt some form of joy. It was almost peaceful to almost let go in a sense and really express yourself.

The space used to express ourselves through movement

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