Makeup Event – Hearty House Show in Colorado

A member of the band STACK playing in an attic somewhere in Boulder, Colorado on October 26, 2019.

When on a trip in Boulder, Colorado how can you say no to an invitation to a house show?

Written by Catherine Webber

Last weekend I was able to go to Boulder, Colorado to visit one of my best pals who goes to school at the University of Colorado Boulder. I was so excited as I always wanted to visit this friend because I heard such great things about Colorado, how beautiful it was, and how Boulder is supper eccentric and hip. On our second day of the trip we went on a breathtaking hike and I thought that was going to be my favorite part of the whole trip; however, I didn’t know what kind of party my friend was planning on taking us to. We walked outside and were welcomed by inches of snow, who know I had to bring my winter coat with me?!

It was 70 degrees on Friday, by the end of Saturday night it was full-on snowing! I don’t think I could get used to Colorado weather.

Despite the snowy and cold weather, we finally arrived at the party and my friend led us straight into the attic. We thought this was a little weird as the party seemed to be in full swing downstairs, but we followed our fearless leader nonetheless. Once we got upstairs we saw where the real party was. We were greeted by a lot of bass and psychedelic music, and it was awesome. People were jamming out and not having a care in the world up here. I had never seen anything like it, the musicians had a full set up and were playing as though we were in a real venue and not just an attic, and they sounded really good. The first act was a solo artist who went by the name Leviathan and he was playing electronic music and he had the crowd listening to every beat drop. It was really so interesting and fun to see and hear, but the next band was my favorite.

The next act was STACK, a band my friend actually knew of from other house shows so I was excited to see them too. This band was by far the best of the night. When they were ready they pulled masks from out of their jackets and someone cut the lights. All of a sudden there were no lights, except for the musicians’ skin as they had put glow in the dark paint on before their show. It was such a visual piece of art in addition to the music they were playing. This band was more of a traditional rock band and since we were standing right by the speakers we heard, very loudly, every note and lyric they sang. This band really had the crowd going as a mosh pit started and wasn’t stopping any time soon. It was so funny to me, seeing a mosh pit in an attic, but also so cool and fun and I was so happy to be a part of it. I’m not really into the music scene here at UIUC, but after this show, I am definitely on the lookout for more like it.

Two guitarists from STACK.

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