Ting at Spurlock

Jake Xiao (Extra Credit )
Ting and its Decoration

Ting is a ritual tripod vessel and was formed by Bronze. Unlike many other vessels such as food containers, wine jugs, and water basins, Ting was not merely useful. Usually, Ting is the symbol of authority and nobility. The Chinese term “inquiring of the ting” is used interchangeably with the quest for power. The king will use nine Tings at the same time. It shows the power of a country, the technical, and artistic achievements of a highly sophisticated bronze-casting industry.


Decoration is the theme of Ting. Serval common themes span across all types of vessels. Also, decoration often is used to fill in the background of most vessels across the entire body. Other people will love ting by its decoration, because the decoration can tell us a ting’s story and most of the decoration or inscription are beautiful. According to the giving information at the Spurlock Museum, this ting was purchased. I think the reason is that people need something to fill the Asian section, and things in this area should be the most important artifacts that have a massive impact on Asian history. Ting is one of those because it has beautiful decoration and significant meaning to the Chinese emperor.  

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