Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

Written by César Díaz Blanco

Wynton Marsalis is a trumpeter and director whose skills left the Foellinger Great Hall in awe. Leading the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra is not an easy work, but Marsalis created a synergic experience in which every member shone whenever a solo performance made everyone applaud. The structure of the melodies played were perfect for building up either a strong joint piece or a striking solo. The mastery of the artists got a well-deserved double standing ovation at the end.

After waiting in the cold for a delayed 220N bus, I realized I was about to see my second performance ever of a trumpeter. Last time, Chris Botti’s curating and trumpet skills had blown me away and now, I was expecting a performance of an even higher caliber. The magnificence of the Foellinger Great Hall was the perfect touch for this performance, which kept rising its expectative as I saw almost no empty spaces and a lot of people excited.

This performance stood out to me more than others because of its classic approach. The artists had their own spot and rarely, or never, spoke aloud; and, while this may be a downside for some people, in my case it helped me on creating my own thoughts around it. I had a rush of ideas whenever the drummer had its solo performance or when the whole orchestra came to a climax. This haste of creativity led me to the idea of a library whose center was a place for musicians to practice and perform together; and around them desks, couches, computers, and more resources for students and faculty to utilize.

As I said before, the drummer stood out to me because you could immediately sense his experience with the drums, as if they were an extension of his body. The first part before the intermission was dominated by the cymbals, the crispness, and exactitude of his beat was by far my favorite part. Also, by the end, the parts in which the trombones played with the sound of their instruments added a playful tone that reminded me of the mastery of Buddy Guy. There is no better way of showing your skills playing an instrument than breaking its consensus.

Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra blew me away and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who loves the synergy of music.

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