Tango at KAM💃🏾🎶-makeup event

written by Bria Thurman

Music and art just works so well together!

This is the flyer for the event.

I am not much of a dancer and I was not interested in having a dance partner, so I was unable to participate in the festivities but I was able to watch and listen. I enjoyed myself at the museum for about an hour. It seemed like this KAM event was more for older adults within the community whether faculty or those who just lived in the area. That may have been the first time I have heard tango music outside of a movie so that increased my interest for sure.

I was able to take a few photos of people dancing, however, this was the only really clear photo.

I was able to get a recording of the band but I was unable to leave a download. I will, however, add a link to a past performance. Overall the music was very fun and interesting. All of the songs sounded pretty different and I wasn’t sure what to expect so that worked out.

The group that performed is Tangotta. I did not know the songs they were playing and google didn’t either so I assumed they were playing original pieces.

Since I was not dancing I watched and was able to enjoy the artwork at a heightened level. being surrounded in the arts like dance, music, and artwork all at once is an extremely enjoyable way to spend time. I am also an advanced people watcher so this was an event I was able to kind of go into autopilot with. It helps even more because I am always looking for inspiration to be more creative so all of the arts in one kept the right side of my brain stimulated. Overall I would consider going back on another Tango Saturday just to look at the artwork again.

This is a video from 2011.

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