A Voice Grown in Champaign: Somi

Somi, a Champaign native, came back to wow the crowd with her amazing and talented voice!

By Moises Sedano

Somi is an acclaimed singer and songwriter with award-winning albums under her accolades. She came to town to perform songs off these albums.

The stage before Somi and her band came on.

The performance as a whole was outstanding. I was really blown away by her voice and music. Somi engaged the audience by sharing some background of herself and her music. She shared about what inspired her to write the songs she performed. She interacted with her musicians by looking at them and moving to the rhythm of their music. She would also point their direction as a way to signal the audience to clap. She sang songs about home, adversity, and love. They evoked different feelings through her lyrics and vocal emotions. For the most part, her music inspired me just through the authenticity of her lyrics. Her music is very moving and inspiring.

Somi’s band on stage right before she walked on.

My favorite song, though all her music was great, must be the first love song she played for valentine’s day. It made me feel like love was in the air. It was so beautiful with the way she sang, and all the instruments came into one. I’m currently not in a relationship but I could still connect to the song. It was definitely my favorite from the night!

The stage at the end of the show.

To learn more about the amazing Somi, visit https://krannertcenter.com/events/somi.

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