Drum Tao; Impressive Feats and Amazing Performance

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, at 7:30 pm the Drum Tao group performed at the Tryon Festival Theater. A total of 14 performers showed off their drumming skills, acrobatic finesse, and other talents in their dazzling show.

By: Daniel Plata

Before The Start of the Show at the Tryon Festival Theater

Right off the bat I have to say that this performance was my favorite that I’ve ever seen this whole semester. The performers had a multitude of talents, apart from drumming, there were other musical instruments that they could play, acrobatic moves they could pull off, and creative feats they could pull off. At no point in the whole show did I ever lose focus of what was happening on stage even with so much happening.

There were a variety of different drums that the performers would use, from massive ones to smaller ones and there was never any simple interactions with these instruments. At one point the group started beating two drums by forming a figure eight around them and leaping in in front of each other at the intersection while beating the drum one by one. At no time was any harmony or rhythm lost despite the ridiculous stunts they pulled off while beating the drums. Drummers would beat each others drums while beating their own consistently throughout the show.

My Ticket and Pamphlet for the Performance

In addition to drumming, a couple of the performers used other instruments like a gong, a Japanese flute, and a shamisen. Some sections of the performance focused solely on a flute and shamisen solo. The group also performed acrobatic feats using long silver poles and dance routines. One performer even back flipped a couple of times.

The performance was also light hearted and creative. At one point a performer started acting like he was dizzy because of a stunt he pulled off and at other times a performer would wave goodbye at the audience. A highlight of the event was the light suit performance where performers would wear a suit with green lights in the dark and pull off an amusing routine where it would appear as if the performers were teleporting. The end of that performance concluded with a Michael Jackson tribute where performers would do the anti-gravity lean only for the lights to turn on revealing that they were being held up by other performers.

The group at one point even interacted with the audience by making us clap with to the rhythm of a drum beat in a call and response style. This performance, even outside of the scope of this class, will probably be in the top five of my favorite performances of all time. 10/10 I would recommend to anyone looking to have a good time.

The Drum Tao Group Bowing at the End of the Performance

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