Assignment 1 Neumann

It was my first time doing a multimedia journalism project. The weather was below freezing, making it tough to hold the camera still. I questioned whether the my shots were too shaky, but I continued to remind myself that I was still learning.

I remembered what Senait Gebregiorgis said in her first assignment reflection. “A lot of things were learned doing this assignment, and I know I will learn a lot with every assignment that comes,” Gebregiorgis said. “That’s why I look forward to improving each time along the way.”

I was still a student and the purpose of the project was to learn. I found objects around town to use as subjects for the pictures and videos we were required to take. While walking around town, I noticed a lot of good subjects were mobile and hard to get in focus or to stick around long enough for the required amount of time our shots took. People were walking and cars were moving quickly, and this problem forced me to find another solution in stagnant objects. Street signs, trees, buildings, street lights: these were the perfect subjects to shoot for this video.

In high school. I’ve had video editing experience but I’ve always had friends working on projects with me who were filming. I had little experience filming or using a camera first-hand coming into this project. I had to get used to how to hold and handle the camera in the proper way in order to get successful shots. I remembered what Professor Collins told us in class about holding your breath when trying to steady the camera. This proved vital. The shots I took while I was breathing or moving my body slightly came out shaky—even when my movements were minimal. When I held my breath, the quality of my shots grew by a large margin.

Once I had all my shots and came to class with my raw footage, it was time for editing. This was an area I had more experience in, having edited videos for projects or for friends in high school. Even luckier, we were using Adobe Premiere Pro—the same program I used prior to my experience in this class. Although the program was an updated version than the one I used before this, most of the features were the same or similar enough for me to relearn them in a few minutes. For example, I had trouble finding the video transition effects at first but eventually found them after some searching. I was able to edit my video quickly and had some time to learn more features while I had extra time in class, and my video was complete.

Assignment 1 seemed like a lot at first when I was doing things I wasn’t familiar with, but once I began to get the hang of everything, I began to learn more about multimedia. Just like Senait said.

You can view the video of my final project here.

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