Illini Basketball

IMG_0076For assignment 2 I decided that the basketball game I was attending over the weekend would be a perfect opportunity for my project. It was much more difficult to photograph an event like this than I had expected. Our seats were further away so I took a lot of tight shots, which tended to be out of focus. My camera also was low on battery so I was limited on how many shots I could take. I kind of wish that I had chose something a little easier. It’s surprising how such a simple event like a basketball game can be so complicated to capture. There were some many things going on. The crowd was so interesting and there was so much movement on the court. A lot of shots were blurry because of this. Still, I am very proud of a few of the shots that come from it though. I had about 70 shots to shift through to pick justĀ 12. Luckily I had looked through them before class and planned some of the ones I was going to use. This was a huge time saver!

As far as the editing I didn’t have too many issues. It’s pretty straight forward like creating a slideshow. I did have some issues exporting and had to do it 5 different times. It only took to about plan C this time. I know in the future it may not always be like that.

The deadline is something that also stressed me out about this project. Its always best to be prepared because things never go as planned. Even one issue can put you a minute over deadline. I liked this project though. It really helped me understand the limitations of this camera from far away. So somehow I made it one deadline and here is my project!

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