Assignment 3: The Show Must Go On (With Audio)

For assignment three, our class was asked to add audio to the video we made in assignment two. It seemed easy at first, but the new assignment provided a different type of challenges.

In assignment three, I realized that I had more choices for what to add to the video, picking from the group of natural sounds I had collected when shooting for assignment two. Easy right? Well, with a lot of decisions comes a lot of nervous decision making. This was the biggest challenge for this project. You can watch the final project here.

At first I figured I could just overlay the tracks of songs the musicians played over the pictures of them playing, but then I realized that not only would this become a boring slideshow but it was also too quick of a video to allow for multiple songs to play. It takes a few seconds for people to catch up with melodies in music and having quick transitions would come off as a jumbled mess to most peoples’ ears.

I fixed this by not always using the parts of the recording where there were vocal melodies. This allowed for an easier transition while also still switching stuff up throughout the video. I also added in a portion of talking at the beginning of the video to simulate what it’s like to go to a show where a musician introduces something and then goes on to play it.

Assignment three seemed easy at first, but there were challenges along the editing process; however, if I were to do it again, I believe the process would be easy now that I have an idea of what I’m doing.

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