A brilliant sales plan

Emerson sells cookies at the corner of Wright and Green streets.

Emerson sells cookies at the corner of Wright and Green streets.

For this project, I’m going to be honest, I didn’t have a backup plan. I was going to go to the vigil for the slain UNC students. My video would be emotion, moving and I would have plenty of willing subjects.

But sometimes good ideas come out of nowhere.

On my way to the vigil, I walked past a troupe of girl scouts selling cookies on the corner of Wright and Green streets. Initially, I crossed the street to avoid being guilted into buying cookies because of how cute they are.

But, with the sun setting quickly, I came up with the idea to see if the scouts would let me use them for my story. The lighting was better and the subject a bit more uplifting.

I asked the moms helping out if I could record the girls, and I got permission for all but one of the girls. There were also not comfortable with a one-on-one interview with the girls.

I had to make due, but I think it worked out pretty well. I did have a lot of trouble cutting around footage with the one girl who I did not have permission to be filmed.

Another issue I had was that I kept moving my camera. I have no idea why I felt the need to pan every two second since I know that wasn’t allowed, but I did anyway.

overall, I’m not super thrilled about how the video turned out, but I did like the subject and I made due with what I had.

2 thoughts on “A brilliant sales plan

  1. Lerner, Brett H

    Hey Miranda,
    I really liked the concept your video focused on. Although it wasn’t your initial idea, sometimes it’s pretty cool to essentially run into a story on the street. It obviously wasn’t ideal that you had issues with the parents and the way they would let you show them or their children, but I can see that making sense from their point of view. Anyways, my favorite part was your natural sound during the project. I thought the conversation between the moms and students added a lot to the experience of feeling like I was actually there as a viewer. You did a good job of getting all of the natural sound, so I was able to hear someone being convinced to buy the cookies because they were able to take credit cards which was funny. Also, having the audio of the little girl listing off all of the different flavors of cookies they had for sale was a perfect addition and added the ‘cute’ factor that girl scouts bank on when selling cookies like this.
    Some of your shots were a bit shaky and there were some shots that obviously would’ve been more natural if you didn’t have to avoid one of the girls. Aside from that and maybe a close up shot of the cookies themselves or one of the boxes, I thought your angles and overall shot selection were really good. The shaky shots are more of a technical thing anyways, which we all will be aiming to get a lot better at over the course of the semester. The last shot with the pile of empty boxes really tied everything together, that was a great end to the project.
    Overall, I think you did a really good job and picked a really good topic. Good job!

  2. Collins, Janice Marie

    Really nice effort. Now that we have gone over your piece, I really think you’re going to get the hang of things. I look forward to seeing your next piece.
    Professor Collins

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