Assignment 4 – Music Therapy

For assignment four, I decided to continue focussing on the local Champaign-Urbana music scene throughout my multimedia projects. You can view my final project here.

I chose to document the music of Elias J. Tracy, who plays under the moniker “Sad Man.” He recently moved to the Champaign-Urbana area from the Chicagoland area and spoke about how he had difficulty transitioning into a new music scene and community in the months following his move. He also talked about how he made music as a way of therapy, chronicling difficult times in his life—such as the move from Chicago to Champaign—in order to relieve stress about those situations.

It was a lot of fun to film this project and was my favorite we’ve worked on to date. Assignment four gave me an opportunity to listen to music I enjoyed and learn more about a musician I’ve listened to and have seen perform before. There was also a lot of freedom in how I got to go about this project. I was able to film shots fairly freely and the editing process was up to my discretion, minus a few requirements about lower thirds—which was useful and added to my project.

I feel that I captured something worth working on with this project and had little difficulty doing so. In fact, it was more “fun” than “work,” and I’m looking forward to building on my skills in order to complete better projects later on in the semester.

3 thoughts on “Assignment 4 – Music Therapy

  1. Musolf, Alyssa N

    I loved this so much! The flow of the story was clear and well put together. The sound bites were cut and chosen in a way that moved the story forward perfectly. The underlying song throughout the entire video worked well and wasn’t distracting. It kept me interested and I would want to know more. Elias seems like a cool guy and you painted that picture for me. I feel like I would see this in a professional setting.

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