Nick’s Typical Morning Routine

“I think I’m finally getting the hang of this,” I thought to myself after finishing my 4th assignment.


A view for the balcony of Nicholas Fortin’s Apartment |Taken by Nicholas Fortin

After experiencing multiple problems while completing each of my first three assignments I came into assignment 4 thinking that I would have to deal with more of the same. While I won’t say that my fourth assignment went from my an idea to a finished video without a hitch, I will say that I didn’t experience the large-scale problems that I was expecting. In fact, I put together what I think is a pretty entertaining video, which can be viewed here, without having any moments where I wanted to pull out my hair because of stress.

The only problem I ran into with this project was a minor one after importing my video. Just like it had happened with project 3, when I played back the first video clip with audio that I wanted to incorporate into my project there was no sound coming out of the speakers. Instead of freaking out, as I did while putting together assignment 3, I calmly went into my audio hardware settings on Adobe Premiere and began messing around with the inputs and outputs. After trying several inputs and outputs with no luck in regards to the audio I decided to try a simpler fix. I tapped the key on the keyboard to increase the internal volume of the computer and after switching the settings back the default input and output I finally heard sound. Instead of it being a problem with Adobe this time my issue with sound had actually been a problem regarding turning up the sound on the computer itself.

In addition to my audio problem, I also forgot to take a still shot to accompany this post so I had to use one, as you can see above, of the view from my balcony. While the picture doesn’t really go with my story about my typical morning routine, It was the one photo that was remotely similar to said storyline so I went with it. While the issue with audio was the only problem I encountered while putting together my project I guess the lack of an image to go with my post is another problem I encountered after the fact. In the future I will remember that even if we are doing a strictly video-based assignment that I should still take a still shot or two to go with my blog post.

After fixing the audio problem and finding a photo for my blog post the remainder of the project was a breeze. I edited video, messed around with the audio and added transitions without any more hitches. The audio and video transitions in addition to the title slide and the lower thirds attribution helped my story take shape. Instead of it just being a bunch of clips of me doing things in my apartment to get ready for the school day it became a cohesive video essay mapping the tasks I complete in my daily morning routine. While I didn’t include an interview as some of the examples we looked at did, I still feel as if my project turned out pretty well.

In short, I learned through this assignment that as I’ve become more accustomed to the editing software and the multimedia process that putting together a video has become easier for me. I also learned that while sometimes I will encounter big problems when putting together my assignments other times I will not. Assignment 4 was one of those times where everything went right and the end result was, what I believe to be, a pretty cool video.

2 thoughts on “Nick’s Typical Morning Routine

  1. Dukala, Klaudia A


    Overall, I liked your video idea. Morning routines are video worthy, and I think you captured what a typical morning looks like for a lot of students. I liked how your video had a clear beginning and end, starting with your alarm clock and finishing with you leaving your apartment.

    However, I think your video could have used more “transitional” clips. For example, you go from pouring your cereal into a bowl to putting dishes into a dishwasher. It would have been nice to see more actions before that final one (washing the dishes), like videos of you pouring the milk or eating the cereal. If those actions were included in your video, the story would have transitioned better.

    I also saw that your clip of the shower head was a bit unsteady, but I think a lot of us had that problem. I note in my post that I had shaky video too, but I ended up editing around all of that. So that’s something all of us have to work on at this point in the semester.

    You note in your post that you didn’t have a still shot to include in your blog post. I didn’t take any still shots either, but I found that the easiest way to get a still shot for a video-only project is to just take a screen-grab of one of your video clips, which I did and ended up having a nice “photo” for my blog. Instead of taking the time out to take some still shots while you’re shooting video, you could always just take a screen-grab of an interesting point from your video.

    I also want to say that I agree with you and think you are improving in this class! I watched your first video and compared it to this one, and it looks like you are advancing at a fast pace, like you note in your post.

    – Klaudia

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