The Quad on Labor Day: PEWS/PEWO

For this photo essay I shot the quad on Labor Day. This is a story about students enjoying the weather outside on their day off of classes. There were people hanging out, juggling, using hammocks and many of them had brought their dogs. While taking pictures, I gathered audio near each shot so that I could get sound of each activity. I think that the essay with sound had a greater impact than the one without sound because each activity with sound was different. Although some of the sounds were more quiet in certain segments, there were also certain parts where this made a big difference. For example, you can hear the dog I shot breathing, as well as music playing in the hammock segment. You were also able to hear the water fountain in that shot, and the bells ringing in my shot of Altgeld.

Find the video with sound here.

Find the video without sound here.

Two hammocks set up on the quad on Labor Day

Two hammocks set up on the quad on Labor Day

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