Eastern Spirituality

The theme of this project was basically Eastern spirituality. I visited both the Buddhist temple as well as the Hindu Temple. There were some restrictions on recording the pooja rituals in the Hindu temple, such as “Do not photograph the gods.” I wanted to record or photograph Hindus in a state of prostration and worship however I felt that the presence of a camera as well as an “outsider” would be far too intrusive and culturally disrespectful.

I think that I ended up arriving at the pooja dedicated to Lord Ganesha whom Hindus look to for wealth and prosperity. I love Lord Shiva because He is the destroyer of ego and illusion–two things that I need desperately to transcend, lol.

I also love Lord Brahma–it’s so sad that He was not a deity in the temple–because he is the supreme creator and Brahma nature, just like Buddha nature and Shakti energy, lives in every human being and in every living thing.

The bible says that God is not far from us. “God did this so that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from any one of us.”–Acts 17:27. Indeed God lives in us and the Dharma teachings of the Buddha transcend all religions and are an infallible truth of human nature and experience.

 I ended up using no footage or photos from the Hindu temple although the priest there was kind enough to let me record a few images. 

The monk at the Buddhist temple however was much more hospitable and allowed me to photograph very freely and I ended up capturing some very beautiful images. https://youtu.be/we3It8UwJCo



I discovered that the appropriate way to dress in the Hindu temple is very similar to inside of the masjid (mosque). No exposed chest and legs but of course there is no need for a hijab.

Without sound– https://youtu.be/PxRSfFFtI7A


Namaste 🙂

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