Assignment 2 Most

Assignment two was once again a challenging one. I wanted to give myself a little bit of a more difficult subject to cover, so I chose nightlife on Campus, which to me seems undercover in the media and a huge part of this campuses identity. At eight or nine pm on a weeknight, the town is a desolate and empty place. At one in the morning though, the campus is teaming with live. 19 year olds stumble through the streets, eager for a fun and independent experience. I only just took these photographs on Tuesday and Thursday night, as I have been a little sick the last week, and it’s been pretty rainy, so I’m hesitant to take valuable equipment I’m lending into the late night rain.

I find photographing at night both difficult and rewarding. There is something about the various glows and shadows that is very aesthetically pleasing to me, but all those shadows and glows mean you have to tinker with your camera more and more. There are definitely some shots in here I wish came out a bit differently, but there are some I think are some of the best photos I’ve taken yet.
The first photo in my video, of the restaurant Papa D’s which also has a small bar underneath known affectionately as “Underground”, is perhaps my favorite. It is somehow simultaneously dark and teeming with light. The neon lights glow in the window, but the trees around it clearly mark the hour. Another one of my favorites is the fence of the bar “Red Lion” which communicates so much with very little imagery. All the image shows is a light, a fence and two empty cups, yet it conveys the late night drinking culture at one of the colleges biggest bars both simply and beautifully.
That being said, there are definitely some shots I think if I could retake I would. But that’s the reality of photographing at night with moving subjects. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got, and I think I did just that.
All in all, I think i’m improving. My hand is a lot steadier with the camera, and shooting at night forced me to get more familiar with some of the more intricate features of my camera. More improvement is definitely on the way, but I already feel like I’ve made huge leaps just in these first weeks.
Can’t wait to continue challenging myself with our next project. The one without sound is attached below in case you wanted it.


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