The Chefs of Apartment 215- Assignment 3 Kaufman

Through my project I captured the meals my roommates prepare throughout a normal day. I can officially say that between my last assignment and this one I am a FOODtographer! I will definitely keep that in mind when job searching. I really enjoyed filming my roommates because I was capturing real occurrences in daily life. To me that is what I want to focus on throughout this class, real life.

This assignment came a lot more naturally to me than the previous projects. I found myself more comfortable with the equipment as well as with Adobe Premiere. This gave me the chance to move beyond the initial set-up and focus my energy on creativity. I hope to improve on this in my next assignment.

This is a tight shot of my apartment's shared refrigerator.

This is a tight shot of my apartment’s shared refrigerator.

1 thought on “The Chefs of Apartment 215- Assignment 3 Kaufman

  1. Olin, Sera L

    Hi Elyssa!
    Great job! I really enjoyed watching this, now I am hungry! I really liked the tight shots of each of the items made. My favorite shot was the shot of the fruit because the detail of the fruit made me want to eat it. I really liked the tight shots, but as Professor mentioned I think the video could have used some wide shots. I want to see the faces of the chefs and maybe a shot of someone enjoying the food they made. I think if you vary your shots in the future, you are on the right track to have a C.O.O.L video!

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