The Life of an Athlete

Assignment 3 taught me a lot about using my camera to make videos. For this assignment I decided to film some of my fellow student-athletes. I used a variety of tight and wide shots to show what an athlete does each day.  I decided to use music to make the video more interesting.


Jonathan Wells on Men’s Track and Field preparing to sprint.

Filming sports was definitely interesting as you can be so creative with your shots. A lot of the time I had to get on the ground just to get the perfect angle. It also took a lot of time just to meet up with each athlete so they could show me their sport. I did see some extreme athleticism throughout this project. Overall I am really proud of my work. I have never done a project like this before so I am happy how it turned out! You can check out my project here.

1 thought on “The Life of an Athlete

  1. Smith, Anaja I

    Jade, I really, really enjoyed your video. I felt like it caught my attention from the very beginning all the way to the end. It was very colorful, lively, and quite outstanding when it comes to quality, preciseness, and variation in shots. The only thing that I would recommend for this particular assignment is to have added nat sound of the baseball being hit, balls dribbling, the guy running on the turf. Adding those sounds would have made your story that much more powerful! 🙂

    Great job!

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