The Future in Our Hands



With the first presidential debate finished, discussions between students about policy and voting are heating up across campus.

One first time voter, Aline Sredni, a student at the university and former intern for the House of Representatives, stresses the importance of young voters and explains why she believes the voter turnout in younger age groups is much lower.

Two other students, Maggie Benson and Danni Gregory, described their experiences as first time voters and what motivates them to exercise their right to vote.

Listen to their stories here.

Polling stations will be available on the UIUC campus in the basement of the Illini Union and in the Activities and Recreation Center.


1 thought on “The Future in Our Hands

  1. Muno, Heather Nicole

    Great job on this story!
    I liked the way you started the piece off with nat sound. That was engaging and then you got right into your script with “the presidential debate tonight” so I knew right away what the nat sound was and it had a strong start to your story. One thing I did notice was that your voice sounded hallow when you were recording yourself. If you record yourself in a car or the studio at Greg you can avoid this problem for next time! Last thing I would mention is to smile when your recording your voice!! It’ll bring your voice up so the tone sounds more peppy and enthusiastic which will make people want to continue listening.

    -Heather 🙂

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